Snap, Crackle, Pop

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I loathe the doctors office. Seriously. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I went to a civilian hospital/office, but since my husband is military I get to embrace the joys of Army medical offices. Some sarcasm for ya. The thing you have to understand with their retarded way of thinking is how the appointment system is set up.

Say you need to see the doc but no rush, you'll get the nearest appt and take time off work. Wrong. Because there are soooo many people at base, if they do it this way apparently 3 months would get filled up in mere minutes. So what you will need to do is take your day off in advance, wake up at 5:45 in the morning, call the appointment hotline, hope you get to speak to someone, and pray you actually get to see the doctor and didn't take the day off for nothing. Retarded, right? Yeah, especially if you randomly wake up sick. Usually your work requires you to call in 2 hours prior to your shift to take off. I can't forsee the future, Army! Not to mention you are only open 8 to 5, Monday through Friday and that is my literal work schedule.

See my problem? So basically this means I hardly ever go; I rarely get the chance to. Thankfully my boss is in Ohio today and tomorrow. Score! I haven't been in since November 5th, and my medication for my neck injury has gone out[I was in a car accident back in July] and I've been having this horrible cough for the past 3 weeks. My boss' husband just found out he has pneumonia and said I should get checked. Awesome. And I may have kinda forgotten to get my dose of Depo. Sue me.

My doctor jokes around and makes fun of me a lot. It's hilarious. He usually gives me a little bit of shit for letting things pile up to the point where I come in with 5 things wrong with me. Hehehe, sorry dude. Because of this I usually end up going home with a bag of goodies. More sarcasm. I hate the fact that I'm only 22 and for the last year and a half my medicine cabinet looks like a 50 year old's.

Last July I got rear ended pretty hard when I was leaving the base. I have no idea where in the hell that guy thought he was going that fast considering I was at a DEAD stop waiting to turn right onto the main street. He just so happened to be an Army medic. Way to go, universe. He was still in his ACUs[uniform]. Long story short I have thee worst neck pains you can imagine that occur on a daily basis and limit me from doing numerous things.

I got to lay on my back while my doctor cracked nearly every damn bone in my body. Pretty sure I even shouted 'fuck' at one point. Made the nurse laugh at least. When he was done all he could do was laugh and say "you really snap, crackle, and popped, didn't cha".. Punk. Nah he's awesome. Told me he was starting his own private practice though :/ My reaction was "Noooooooo! You've been my doctor for a year now and you're the only one that knows how royally fucked up I am. Plus you let me say things like that" Haha. I'm gonna be sad when he leaves :( And I have bronchitis! Ain't nobody got time for that!

Afterwards they told me to get my shot and then grab my prescriptions so I can book it back to the laundry piling up at home. The woman pricked me a little harder than usual and gave me a band aid with little fishies and bumblebees on it. Kid status right there. I was waiting in the chair for them to call my name when the woman  at the front desk yell- whispered "Mrs. D, Mrs. D, psst!"...I look around to see who in the hell is calling for me when she goes "Did you get your, you know, *mouths* Depo?"...Like it's a crime to get birth control around here. I'm not ashamed of it...but I just nodded my head even though I feel like face palming, when they call me up to get my bag of treats. At least it was only one bag this time. 

Hope you all have a better day than I'm having!

Link up and a Shout out

Before we get started I would like to say Happy Birthday to the sexiest man I know~ my husband. He turns 23 today and I am happy I get to celebrate 2 of them in a row with him [his first day in Afghanistan was his 21st bday. Last year he came home about a week before his 22nd] Hope you have a great day, Baby!

Last year when he came home

I have been loving all these link ups with fabulous bloggers and can never resist joining in. This one is the Confessions link up with  Catalyn, divulging into any secrets you'd like to own up to.

I confess... that I told my husband I would start going to the gym everyday after work 2 weeks ago and have yet to actually go

I confess... that sometimes when my boss' dog gets on my last nerve I want to let him out...I don't, though

I confess... that all my time spent with children realllly makes me want a baby

I confess... that I started eating healthy and am eating a rice krispy treat as I type this

I confess... that I kind of enjoy the baby shows I watch with Little Dino in the morning

I confess... I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this blogging thing. I am not tech savvy at all


There is this weight that has been lifted from me today. For I have finally paid off my credit card. Ahh, such an amazing feeling to have accomplished that chunk of unpaid expenses hanging over my head for the past year. Never impulse buy people. It'll seriously bite you in the ass and haunt you every time you want to make a purchase. You're in the mall and see a hot pair of shoes. Not exactly cheap, but not crazy expensive either. You have the money and can manage. But wait. That credit card payment is a couple of days away, and it just so happens it's around the amount of these jaw dropping shoes. What's more important?... Damn you credit card! I really wanted those shoes! -___-

Well never again! That was my first credit card and I know better now. Victory dance!

Sunday Social [Jr High & High School]

Sunday Social Link Up with Neely and Ashley!

This week is all about the life of your teenage youth. Yep, the dreaded jr high and high school questions. Cause we all just wanna relive those moments, don't we?

1. What was your biggest middle school fashion mistake?
Wow, umm, now I really have to think....7th grade I wore this ghastly long denim jean skirt. Sweet jesus I wish I could take that back. How did I think that was cool? Glad there aren't any photos of it...or are there...

2. Who were your best friends in high school? Pics?
Aahhhhhh!!!! The Loser Club! Yes, we dubbed ourselves The Loser Club. That is a long story for another time. It consisted of me of course, my best friend Drue, Leah, Jade, and Johnny. Also a shout out to Niki :) Ah memories of crazy adventures. 
1. Sophmore year. Member when everyone took these and put them in their binders?
2. Junior year Halloween. Batgirl and Poison Ivy!
3. Junior year 
4. Freshmen year
Loser Club :)
Love how none of us are looking

Senior year. Niki, Me, and Drue

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
Random mischevious journeys throughout the town. Seriously, we were dumb and spontaneous and high on life. Weekends mostly consisted of Drue and I doing something stupid and/or crazy. And The Loser Club somehow always ended up at Chuck E. Cheese...No drugs though.

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
I dated a lot but only had one serious on- again off-again relationship. Do NOT want to talk about that.

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
Yes! Drue and I were Tom and Brody. Another long story. We had books we would pass back and forth to each other between classes. I have half and she has the rest.

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school what would it be?
Hmmm. Instead of reliving them can I change them? Nah, that's cheating. I guess I would like to relive senior prom. It was fun :)

I love how we are never looking lol :)

Procrastination at it's finest

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I have dishes scattered and laundry stinkin up the place, and yet I can't step away from my laptop. For Pinterest has sucked me into adorable baby animals. The past 45 minutes have been spent "ooohing" and "aaahing" over thee cutest little critters. Damn you, Pinterest. You will be the death of me.

Now oogle over these infants :)

Polish a turd, it's still a turd

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Happy Friday everyone! Mine is starting out pretty fantastical :) I'm actually not tired which is super rare since I usually take a mini morning nap when Little Dino goes down. That's right, I take naps! I am not a morning person by any means and I ain't ashamed to say that if the opportunity presents itself to sleep, I will jump on it like white on rice!

But anywho~ I am SO stoked because the house is finally coming together even though the weather has been a little bastard trying to delay it as much as it can. What's up with that, weather? Punk. Our realtor called to let us know we can go ahead and pick out our appliances after a month of waiting. Hallelujah! This seriously makes me want to go kid status and jump on the couch with joy.

You're probably thinking "uhh, why is she getting all worked up about her kitchen she on something?" That answer is no by the way. Growing up I always felt like Cinderella. Constantly cleaning a house that never really looked or stayed cleaned, and doing it all by hand. Yep, by hand people. I didn't know what a dishwasher was until I asked my mother when I was 11. And I never used one until I got married. I went 21 years without the help of machines that would seriously have made my hectic life a lot easier.

Fast forward to when Baby came back from deployment and we moved into our first place together. Ever heard of Hotpoint, cause I haven't. That's our brand of nasty ass appliances in our apartment. These cheap looking, low grade appliances have been broken since the day we moved in and have caused us more misery than any inatimate object should. They have put us through hell people.

The dishwasher has been the biggest disappointment, especially to Baby. He hates the fact that my first encounter with one has been a complete disaster. It has been "fixed" 3 times, smells like a raccoon curled up and died in there a year ago, and spews out moldy goodness. Our washer has flooded our entire apartment leaving the nastiest mildew smell in our carpet that apparently our landlords don't deem important enough to fix -___- And our fridge makes thee most god awful grinding sound every ten minutes, even though we don't have an ice maker.....needless to say, I'm so over it and ready to move on to glorious things.

Annnnnnnd cue our builder's appliances. Amana. Not as bad as Hotpoint, but not exactly an upgrade either. Baby was not happy about this. So their solution was to give us stainless steel instead of white.....umm, changing the color doesn't really make them work better. I could see the frustration growing on Baby's face. He was ready to tell them all to go to hell, and I'm quite surprised he didn't. So our solution was to take a builders credit and go buy bitchin appliances ourselves.

Baby wants the house to look "super pimp" and I think we've accomplished that!!! Samsung appliances in stainless steel that only came out to $600 more than what they were going to give us! Does anyone else see the stupidity in this? Were they really expecting us to willingly take a turd nugget over awesomeness?

Well today we get to pick them up :) And our tax refund came in last night. Perfect timing IRS! Ahhh, good day.

It's ok Thursday

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Hello my pretties!!! It's only Thursday but if you can hold on a little bit longer I promise you fun times ahead! Friday is lurking just around the corner, but today we are going to list the reasons we are okay with it still being just Thursday :D Smile, you know you want to. Don't make me tell a dirty joke to get it out of you!

So linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup, I have pulled out of my ass some reasons it's okay to be Thursday.

It's okay...

That the weather is super shitty, I get to wear comfy sweats
That my job for tomorrow fell through and made me miss another opportunity, I now get Friday night off woot woot! Par-tay!
That I forgot to take out chicken to defrost
That the baby is sick. He sleeps more
That I'm not wearing makeup, even though Baby insisted we go out as soon as I walked in the door!
That it's pouring rain and thunderstorms freak me out
That my house isn't finished, it's lookin pretty pimp, yo!

Because the weekend is here! Yeh!

1. Yours truly bare faced. Eeks!
2. A sick baby dino ready for Easter
3. My gloomy view of the dead country side
4. Rockin that lazy style ;)

Crockpot Italian Chicken

Yay for Sundays and having time to make a decent dinner while getting things done around the house!

Ever feel like there is a list of things you need to get done by the end of the weekend and for some reason that list is not getting any shorter no matter how many times you cross things off? That's how the majority of my weekends go. I work 40+ hours a week being a nanny and part-time sitter and while that sounds easy and fun, it's really not. I don't just take care of Little Dino, I have a list of families that call upon me randomly to watch their little ones and also expect me to basically be a housekeeper.

So on a daily basis I am changing diapers, making bottles, walking dogs, doing dishes, laundry; you name it, I do it. And yes I am completely aware that most women do this just by being a wife or mother or both, but I still have my OWN household to take care of after my job is done. And let me tell you- after cleaning someone else's house all day while only being able to watch things like The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dinosaur Train, you really look forward to going home and just laying on the couch to watch some How I Met Your Mother.

So I save everything at my house for the weekends, specifically Sunday so I can still relax and maybe go out if we feel up to it. This weekend was a 4-day weekend and we completely took advantage of it! Then came Sunday :/ Ahh Sunday. The day of dirty clothes piled like Mt. Everest and a sea of dishes covering every inch of my kitchen counters. This is when a crockpot becomes a woman's best friend. If you don't have a crockpot, I highly suggest you purchase one immediately. It will save your life on numerous occasions and make you seem like Superwoman. And after you've seized the day and accomplished everything I guarantee you'll feel like Superwoman!

So I present to you my Crockpot Italian Chicken~

Prep time- 15 minutes
Cook time- 4 hours
Serves- 4-6 people

1 pack boneless chicken breasts
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 8 oz cream cheese
1 box rotini pasta [not pictured]
4 tbsp italian dressing
red pepper flakes to taste

Turn crockpot on to low and pour in soup

cut chicken into 1 inch pieces

add chicken, dressing, red pepper and cream cheese
[you can also add any herbs or seasonings]

stir and simmer on low 4 hours

when chicken is done, cook pasta al dente

mix together and sprinkle parmersan or romano cheese

Enjoy your dinner! :)

Little Shows in Hidden Corners

Hey all! So the last I posted was a to be continued Valentine's Day surprise from Baby in Nashville. I was suppose to wake up super early but since I'm still sick I didn't get up til about noon, which I hate. It's like a waste of half a day. Oh well. I was not gonna let it get me down!

It felt like a boots and pigtails kinda day. When was the last time you wore pigtails? Second grade maybe? I think it's about time we all just had a throwback and wear pigtails out on the town! I swear you feel like you're having more fun.

The first stop in Nashville was the mall! That may not sound super exciting, but when you live in a small town where there is only one mall and it's not all that and a bag of chips, you get a little happy inside. I haven't been in a Wet Seal or Forever 21 in ages! Plus there was a kiosk of Gigi's Cupcakes there! I've only seen them once in Vegas so I took advantage and made a small purchase. Yes this broke my healthy eating but I'm allowed to have a cheat day at least once so cupcakes it is! I made sure to get the minis so it wasn't too bad (n_n)

how cute are these

I totally bought that sweater :)

I even got Baby to take a quick picture

He had planned on taking me to my all-time FAVORITE restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, however he did not anticipate that there would be over an hour wait time. Fuck that. [I actually said that out loud to the guy taking names haha. At least he had a good chuckle] It was way cute of Baby to try and take me there, though. It's the only one in Tennessee and he's not too fond of spending lots of money on food. Sweet thought. I didn't mind because the real surprise came after that....

Anyone ever heard of the adorable Lindsey Stirling? She's a violinist from Utah that mixes her classical violin with dubstep and other beats to create pure awesomeness. I highly suggest you check her out. We came across her via Youtube. She does remakes like Skyrim and Zelda [the video games] as well as her own unique songs. And boy does that girl dance while she's doing it!

She was playing at the Cannery Row somewhere downtown in this little hidden corner of a place. At first people are like "you would go to a show to watch a girl play the violin? Dumb." Uhhh no. She is wayyyyyy awesome and crazy energetic! She manages to dance, sing, skip, jump, twirl and all that good stuff WHILE playing her violin and she never misses a beat! She gets you so pumped up, the whole night I was dancing and jumping and even Baby was getting into it! My favorite part was when she did The Phantom of the Opera. At times I couldn't see her since it was general admission and I'm not very tall, so Baby would lift me up high into the air to see. That was awesome! I would be jumping to the beat and he would just take it upon himself to skyrocket me over everyone. It was so fun, no wonder babies like it lol!

Our smiley face stamps meant we could drink ;)

We supported her by buying her cd that took her 2 years to create. Mad props, Lindsey. Everyone told her to her face that she would not market well and to just give up, even on national television! Bastards. But she didn't listen and I am glad for that. She's too awesome for words and you all should go check her out right moew! I know you'll just love her :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

Vday Recap

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you had a sweetie or not. I myself had to work during the day but it's okay cause I still had a special Valentine :)

This is the little baby dinosaur I look after on a daily basis. He is my responsibility Monday through Friday and he made it his mission to be the perfect Valentine. Normally he doesn't take great pictures because he's always trying to come after the camera and eat it lol. But this time he had way more interesting things to keep him occupied :)

He also makes for a good baking assistant :D He stayed in the kitchen with me while I made Baby one of his Vday presents. I slaved all day on some cookies I tried decorating [that came out kinda ugly, but oh well] so I was really hoping he was going to like them. Thankfully he had another part to his gift so I wasn't too worried ;)

I got inspired last week when I was reading Little Dino a book for his morning nap called "I love you, goodnight". It says things such as 'I love you like wind loves blowing. I love you like plants love growing', so I decided to do it one better and state how I loved him more than something. Clever hah. 

This is the list I came up with- [keep in mind, we're an odd and awesome couple ;)]

I love you more than...

Zombies love brains
Peter loves Lois
Alcoholics love beer
A fat kid loves cake
Vegas loves money
Smoke loves fire
Irish love Guinness
Lily loves Marshall
Sailors love swearing
Junkies love crack
Nerds love video games
Raccoons love trash
Hammers love nails
Pikachu loves Ash
Poseidon loves water
Superman loves Krypton
Vodka loves Redbull
Vampires love blood

Awesome, right? I'd like to think so. I couldn't wait to give them to him! I also got him some coffee for his Keurig [he loves that thing] and that is expensive as hell! What a trip to Wal-Mart that turned out to be.

My gifts are usually physical and Baby's gifts are more outings and activities related. So he has everything planned for today since neither of us had to work and it just so happens to be a Friday. Looking forward to Nashville! Meanwhile I put on my red shirt so we could hit the town~

But I loved my earrings so much [little dangly blood hearts] that I decided to pull my hair back. Which I think makes me look like a totally different person.

Since Baby's birthday is also this month and his headphones broke [punk sat on them] I decided to just get him his present early. Not to mention he was givin me the puppy-dog pout the whole time at Best Buy lol

In case you were wondering, those suckers are not cheap! I'm talkin triple digits here -____- All for a pair of damn headphones. I won't complain about the coffee cups anymore. But they made him happy and they were the best of the best so he deserves them.....he just better not sit on them!

And then we retired to the couch to watch The Big Bang Theory's Valentine's Day episode on the DVR. Love that show.
Good day <3

Love Day History

I'm ready and prepared! Just got home from Wal-Mart after picking up some last minute necessities I needed for Baby's present, and some stuff I didn't technically need to get him but I'm an awesome wife like that :) I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The day that everyone around the world recognizes as National Smother Your Significant Other Day. Also known as Valentine's Day.

Why do you ask am I looking forward to such a holiday while others dread it? Because I used to be one of those girls wishing I could fast forward that day since I had no one to spend it with, and now I am married :) Last year I didn't get to spend it with Baby due to him being in Afghanistan so now I'm hoping all my horrible experiences will be replaced with new ones.

I'm not exactly bitter, but when you get dumped on Vday, yes I said dumped, your future outlook for the holiday isn't so bright. I was 14, a freshman in high school, and finally had my first real boyfriend. All those "boyfriends" in jr. high that you date for about 2-4 weeks and think that is "like, forever and a day to be with someone" doesn't really count. So I was excited. Little did I know he was going to break up with me by the end of the night. Yep, that's right- he waited the whole day to tell me. He waited until we were at a friend's party and AFTER I gave him his gift to only have SOMEONE ELSE hand me a letter that basically stated we were over. You read that right. He did not have the balls to do it in person OR even be the one to hand me the note himself. The bastard handed off the responsibility and took off. Awesome first memory -____-

The following years of high school I oddly never dated around Vday. I had boyfriends throughout the rest of my high school experience, but never around that day. Coincidence? And the main on-again off-again boyfriend I had from sophmore year til after graduation- the one that's hurt me the most- his birthday just so happens to be Valentine's Day. Yep, it got ruined for me for awhile. Thank god for my best friend. She filled in as my Valentine since I never had a sweetie to share it with. If it wasn't for her my memories would be pretty horrible. Love you Drue! :)

So as I sit here drawing my husband a Vday card [yes I waited til the last minute, don't judge me!] I look back at some not so fond memories and smile, knowing they're all going to be replaced with new, happy ones. (n_n)

The day we got married <3

Sunday Social [Childhood]

So lately I've been really boarding the blogging bandwagon and stumbling across some very awesome blogs by some very lovely ladies. And since I've been sick this past weekend I used the spare time to catch up on things.

Shelby over at Chasing Birdies links up with Neely and Ashley every Sunday for a series of fun questions, and this week takes you back to your childhood! Yay! It sounded fun enough so I thought I would join in and maybe even make it an ongoing thing every Sunday :) Visit their links if you ever wanna join in too!

What was your first car?
My mother's '88 Black Toyota truck [not the most reliable car]

Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
Hmm, that's a good question. I'd have to say first grade, Mrs. McCann. She loved green and frogs and had them everywhere! She even had a green Volkswagon bug.

Were you involved in any sports/ extra curricular activities?
I played soccer from 4 to 14, that was when I realized a social life was much better ;)

9 years old

What was your favorite birthday party?
My birthday is in August when everyone was away for the summer, so I never had any birthday parties[besides when I was way little with family]. So I decided to just share as many birthday photos as I could find.

 1 year
I hate clowns. Possibly why I look so terrified
2 years old
4 years old
6 years old

Who was your celebrity crush?
God I loved AJ from Backstreet Boys. Even at a young age I knew what sexy was, and he was it lol Also, I used to call Antonio Banderas my boyfriend and watched The Mask of Zorro practically every day (n_n)

What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
Any vulgar adult cartoon that I now love today lol Mainly The Simpsons and Beavis and Butthead. Oddly enough I hate those shows now.

Four Weddings

Yesterday I was told I didn't need to come into work today, and as much as I love days off, I don't like not making money. But I guess my body agreed I needed rest because I woke up this morning sick as a damn dog. Boo.

As an adult, being sick just sucks. There's usually no one to take care of you, you have to call in sick, not get paid, maybe you have children you still need to take care of, etc. It just adds on unwanted stress to your day. God forbid you're sick for longer than a day. Well, I have no children, not really anything important I need to take care of, and my husband is at work. So I figured today I would relive those childhood sick days we all love and miss.

Remember that awesome feeling that even though you felt like crap, your mom was the one who told you "Oh no honey, you look sick. Maybe you should stay home." Thus knowing you got a free pass from school. Sweet.( Usually when YOU  told your parents, they didn't believe you) Getting to stay home in your pajamas,    being fed chicken noodle soup and watching morning cartoons in the living room, you almost forgot you were sick. Sure there was a heaping pile of booger infested tissues next to you from that nasty runny nose, but hey, you get to watch Scooby Doo and drink Sprite at 9 am. Live it up.

So I decided I'd sleep in a little, down some medicine, and enjoy my day best I could. I stayed in my pjs, poured myself some orange juice, and started watching Cartoon Network. Ah, memories. It was awesome for about an hour, until I remembered I'm an adult and I should at least use this time to do some laundry. And then Baby came home for lunch. Isn't it amazing that men can get the sniffles and needs to be taken care of like a 5 year old, yet women can have every known virus at once and still have to manage the household. Yup, cuz that never gets old. But it's ok, you get used to it. At least I am.

So back to time on my own. I LOVE weddings and everything about them. What woman doesn't? Even if you're not currently planning a wedding or just got married and still have wedding fever, you know you love anything wedding related and feed into the conversation if the topic gets brought up. We're women, we can't help it. Anyway, I forgot today was Friday and that TLC runs old episodes of the show Four Weddings up until the new one comes on later that night. Lately I have been completely hooked on this show since I am going through the process of having my own wedding.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's about 4 women who have never met but live in the same general area, competing against each other for a prize honeymoon. The 4 brides rate each others wedding in 4 categories: venue, dress, food, and overall experience. 

What I love the most are the themes. Seeing what other people come up with and how they create it is really fun because sometimes you think 'wow, I never thought to do it that way'. I personally watch to see what brides on a smaller budget come up with. I myself only have about $7k to spend on my wedding and with Baby being in the Army, it's really hard to save for something so extravagant when you need to take care of the necessities. Paying bills comes before random flowers we don't need.

The things I don't like about the show are the harsh judging and nit-picking some of the guest brides do. One of the main things being the food. 'This chicken is dry' 'The mashed potatoes look weird' Get over it. You're getting fed for free, just eat it. My food is going to be one option because lets face it, I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on 10 choices for you to choose from in hopes it is to your liking. You're a guest, be nice.   

I would love to be on this show in hopes of winning a much deserved honeymoon for the two of us. With everything we've been through- deployment, delaying our wedding TWICE, moving across the country, being away from family, putting up with the military's random functioning, we need and deserve a getaway just for ourselves and we'll probably never get one :/ But honestly I don't think we would win. I wouldn't stand a chance to a $70k wedding. No way in hell. How would I compete with that?! That's another thing that irks the hell outta me.
If you can afford that much to spend on a wedding, why the hell can't you go on your own damn honeymoon?!

Drives me nuts when I see women who acted like bitches and snubbed brides that had to do DIY projects because their budget didn't allow a viennese hour or a 5 course sit down dinner and then still win. Not everyone can afford shit like that! I think TLC needs to change a few things and either put brides with similar budgets into the same episode or just completely stop letting people who have budgets over $25k onto the show. It's simply not fair and the people who worked for it deserve it the most. End rant.

But nevertheless, I can't stop watching the show and will probably be doing so until Baby gets home and makes me change it. Have a happy Friday!
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