Four Weddings

Yesterday I was told I didn't need to come into work today, and as much as I love days off, I don't like not making money. But I guess my body agreed I needed rest because I woke up this morning sick as a damn dog. Boo.

As an adult, being sick just sucks. There's usually no one to take care of you, you have to call in sick, not get paid, maybe you have children you still need to take care of, etc. It just adds on unwanted stress to your day. God forbid you're sick for longer than a day. Well, I have no children, not really anything important I need to take care of, and my husband is at work. So I figured today I would relive those childhood sick days we all love and miss.

Remember that awesome feeling that even though you felt like crap, your mom was the one who told you "Oh no honey, you look sick. Maybe you should stay home." Thus knowing you got a free pass from school. Sweet.( Usually when YOU  told your parents, they didn't believe you) Getting to stay home in your pajamas,    being fed chicken noodle soup and watching morning cartoons in the living room, you almost forgot you were sick. Sure there was a heaping pile of booger infested tissues next to you from that nasty runny nose, but hey, you get to watch Scooby Doo and drink Sprite at 9 am. Live it up.

So I decided I'd sleep in a little, down some medicine, and enjoy my day best I could. I stayed in my pjs, poured myself some orange juice, and started watching Cartoon Network. Ah, memories. It was awesome for about an hour, until I remembered I'm an adult and I should at least use this time to do some laundry. And then Baby came home for lunch. Isn't it amazing that men can get the sniffles and needs to be taken care of like a 5 year old, yet women can have every known virus at once and still have to manage the household. Yup, cuz that never gets old. But it's ok, you get used to it. At least I am.

So back to time on my own. I LOVE weddings and everything about them. What woman doesn't? Even if you're not currently planning a wedding or just got married and still have wedding fever, you know you love anything wedding related and feed into the conversation if the topic gets brought up. We're women, we can't help it. Anyway, I forgot today was Friday and that TLC runs old episodes of the show Four Weddings up until the new one comes on later that night. Lately I have been completely hooked on this show since I am going through the process of having my own wedding.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's about 4 women who have never met but live in the same general area, competing against each other for a prize honeymoon. The 4 brides rate each others wedding in 4 categories: venue, dress, food, and overall experience. 

What I love the most are the themes. Seeing what other people come up with and how they create it is really fun because sometimes you think 'wow, I never thought to do it that way'. I personally watch to see what brides on a smaller budget come up with. I myself only have about $7k to spend on my wedding and with Baby being in the Army, it's really hard to save for something so extravagant when you need to take care of the necessities. Paying bills comes before random flowers we don't need.

The things I don't like about the show are the harsh judging and nit-picking some of the guest brides do. One of the main things being the food. 'This chicken is dry' 'The mashed potatoes look weird' Get over it. You're getting fed for free, just eat it. My food is going to be one option because lets face it, I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on 10 choices for you to choose from in hopes it is to your liking. You're a guest, be nice.   

I would love to be on this show in hopes of winning a much deserved honeymoon for the two of us. With everything we've been through- deployment, delaying our wedding TWICE, moving across the country, being away from family, putting up with the military's random functioning, we need and deserve a getaway just for ourselves and we'll probably never get one :/ But honestly I don't think we would win. I wouldn't stand a chance to a $70k wedding. No way in hell. How would I compete with that?! That's another thing that irks the hell outta me.
If you can afford that much to spend on a wedding, why the hell can't you go on your own damn honeymoon?!

Drives me nuts when I see women who acted like bitches and snubbed brides that had to do DIY projects because their budget didn't allow a viennese hour or a 5 course sit down dinner and then still win. Not everyone can afford shit like that! I think TLC needs to change a few things and either put brides with similar budgets into the same episode or just completely stop letting people who have budgets over $25k onto the show. It's simply not fair and the people who worked for it deserve it the most. End rant.

But nevertheless, I can't stop watching the show and will probably be doing so until Baby gets home and makes me change it. Have a happy Friday!
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  1. haha I love 4 weddings!! We went into super debt for our wedding and I regret it immensely. That was more for family pressure than my dream wedding though. Love the blog, but your post below about disowning the Colts makes me sad :(

  2. Aww I'm sorry. After we lost Peyton and my husband continuously gave me crap, I just let go lol and I hope you at least had fun at your wedding!

  3. haha I feel the same way....but I still watch it! lol!


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