It's ok Thursday

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Hello my pretties!!! It's only Thursday but if you can hold on a little bit longer I promise you fun times ahead! Friday is lurking just around the corner, but today we are going to list the reasons we are okay with it still being just Thursday :D Smile, you know you want to. Don't make me tell a dirty joke to get it out of you!

So linking up with Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup, I have pulled out of my ass some reasons it's okay to be Thursday.

It's okay...

That the weather is super shitty, I get to wear comfy sweats
That my job for tomorrow fell through and made me miss another opportunity, I now get Friday night off woot woot! Par-tay!
That I forgot to take out chicken to defrost
That the baby is sick. He sleeps more
That I'm not wearing makeup, even though Baby insisted we go out as soon as I walked in the door!
That it's pouring rain and thunderstorms freak me out
That my house isn't finished, it's lookin pretty pimp, yo!

Because the weekend is here! Yeh!

1. Yours truly bare faced. Eeks!
2. A sick baby dino ready for Easter
3. My gloomy view of the dead country side
4. Rockin that lazy style ;)
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