Link up and a Shout out

Before we get started I would like to say Happy Birthday to the sexiest man I know~ my husband. He turns 23 today and I am happy I get to celebrate 2 of them in a row with him [his first day in Afghanistan was his 21st bday. Last year he came home about a week before his 22nd] Hope you have a great day, Baby!

Last year when he came home

I have been loving all these link ups with fabulous bloggers and can never resist joining in. This one is the Confessions link up with  Catalyn, divulging into any secrets you'd like to own up to.

I confess... that I told my husband I would start going to the gym everyday after work 2 weeks ago and have yet to actually go

I confess... that sometimes when my boss' dog gets on my last nerve I want to let him out...I don't, though

I confess... that all my time spent with children realllly makes me want a baby

I confess... that I started eating healthy and am eating a rice krispy treat as I type this

I confess... that I kind of enjoy the baby shows I watch with Little Dino in the morning

I confess... I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this blogging thing. I am not tech savvy at all
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  1. My Aunt in Law told me rice krispies are healthy snacks... because they are rice and marshmallows (which aren't fattening) - so in her book you are all set! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Come back again soon!

  2. I am new blogger too and your blog is way cooler than mine!! You're alreay a step ahead!! haha

    I lived in TN for 5 years!!

  3. Happy birthday to your adorable husband! And girl, I haven't been to the gym in two weeks either. We need an intervention- off the computer and straight to spinning ;)


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