Little Shows in Hidden Corners

Hey all! So the last I posted was a to be continued Valentine's Day surprise from Baby in Nashville. I was suppose to wake up super early but since I'm still sick I didn't get up til about noon, which I hate. It's like a waste of half a day. Oh well. I was not gonna let it get me down!

It felt like a boots and pigtails kinda day. When was the last time you wore pigtails? Second grade maybe? I think it's about time we all just had a throwback and wear pigtails out on the town! I swear you feel like you're having more fun.

The first stop in Nashville was the mall! That may not sound super exciting, but when you live in a small town where there is only one mall and it's not all that and a bag of chips, you get a little happy inside. I haven't been in a Wet Seal or Forever 21 in ages! Plus there was a kiosk of Gigi's Cupcakes there! I've only seen them once in Vegas so I took advantage and made a small purchase. Yes this broke my healthy eating but I'm allowed to have a cheat day at least once so cupcakes it is! I made sure to get the minis so it wasn't too bad (n_n)

how cute are these

I totally bought that sweater :)

I even got Baby to take a quick picture

He had planned on taking me to my all-time FAVORITE restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, however he did not anticipate that there would be over an hour wait time. Fuck that. [I actually said that out loud to the guy taking names haha. At least he had a good chuckle] It was way cute of Baby to try and take me there, though. It's the only one in Tennessee and he's not too fond of spending lots of money on food. Sweet thought. I didn't mind because the real surprise came after that....

Anyone ever heard of the adorable Lindsey Stirling? She's a violinist from Utah that mixes her classical violin with dubstep and other beats to create pure awesomeness. I highly suggest you check her out. We came across her via Youtube. She does remakes like Skyrim and Zelda [the video games] as well as her own unique songs. And boy does that girl dance while she's doing it!

She was playing at the Cannery Row somewhere downtown in this little hidden corner of a place. At first people are like "you would go to a show to watch a girl play the violin? Dumb." Uhhh no. She is wayyyyyy awesome and crazy energetic! She manages to dance, sing, skip, jump, twirl and all that good stuff WHILE playing her violin and she never misses a beat! She gets you so pumped up, the whole night I was dancing and jumping and even Baby was getting into it! My favorite part was when she did The Phantom of the Opera. At times I couldn't see her since it was general admission and I'm not very tall, so Baby would lift me up high into the air to see. That was awesome! I would be jumping to the beat and he would just take it upon himself to skyrocket me over everyone. It was so fun, no wonder babies like it lol!

Our smiley face stamps meant we could drink ;)

We supported her by buying her cd that took her 2 years to create. Mad props, Lindsey. Everyone told her to her face that she would not market well and to just give up, even on national television! Bastards. But she didn't listen and I am glad for that. She's too awesome for words and you all should go check her out right moew! I know you'll just love her :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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  1. Ahhh, I LOVE Lindsey Stirling!!!

    <3 Amanda,

  2. Great pictures!! Your hairs are really stunning and I think your bangs suits you perfectly!

    Best Jasmin


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