Love Day History

I'm ready and prepared! Just got home from Wal-Mart after picking up some last minute necessities I needed for Baby's present, and some stuff I didn't technically need to get him but I'm an awesome wife like that :) I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The day that everyone around the world recognizes as National Smother Your Significant Other Day. Also known as Valentine's Day.

Why do you ask am I looking forward to such a holiday while others dread it? Because I used to be one of those girls wishing I could fast forward that day since I had no one to spend it with, and now I am married :) Last year I didn't get to spend it with Baby due to him being in Afghanistan so now I'm hoping all my horrible experiences will be replaced with new ones.

I'm not exactly bitter, but when you get dumped on Vday, yes I said dumped, your future outlook for the holiday isn't so bright. I was 14, a freshman in high school, and finally had my first real boyfriend. All those "boyfriends" in jr. high that you date for about 2-4 weeks and think that is "like, forever and a day to be with someone" doesn't really count. So I was excited. Little did I know he was going to break up with me by the end of the night. Yep, that's right- he waited the whole day to tell me. He waited until we were at a friend's party and AFTER I gave him his gift to only have SOMEONE ELSE hand me a letter that basically stated we were over. You read that right. He did not have the balls to do it in person OR even be the one to hand me the note himself. The bastard handed off the responsibility and took off. Awesome first memory -____-

The following years of high school I oddly never dated around Vday. I had boyfriends throughout the rest of my high school experience, but never around that day. Coincidence? And the main on-again off-again boyfriend I had from sophmore year til after graduation- the one that's hurt me the most- his birthday just so happens to be Valentine's Day. Yep, it got ruined for me for awhile. Thank god for my best friend. She filled in as my Valentine since I never had a sweetie to share it with. If it wasn't for her my memories would be pretty horrible. Love you Drue! :)

So as I sit here drawing my husband a Vday card [yes I waited til the last minute, don't judge me!] I look back at some not so fond memories and smile, knowing they're all going to be replaced with new, happy ones. (n_n)

The day we got married <3

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  1. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Looking forward to checking out your blog some more. :)


  2. If there was a big spike in your pageviews that would be me! haha
    Every comment I receive (especially the sweet ones), I like to go check out the blogger who took the time, and you are just so beautiful!!

    You and your sweetheart are the cutest couple, and I think you're gonna love blogging and go far at it:)

    Thanks again for your comment! Mua! *sloopy kisses* haha

    xo, Emily


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