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Hey all!

So me and Baby (the hubby) don't go to the movies very often. We're always working so by the time the weekend gets here, let's be honest- we just wanna sleep! We use our time together to cuddle on the couch and watch tv...or catch up on much needed house cleaning (okay that one's mostly me) so we actually rarely go out. That and we're cheap. Ha. Plus this town really only has one main movie theater. Have you seen that place on a Friday night?! Plan on getting there 15 minutes earlier than usual just to find parking. Lame.

But every now and then when something interesting enough comes along that intrigues us, we give it a shot. So yay for rare movie dates! That sounded very pathetic. Not that we don't have date nights, we just don't have movie date nights. Moving on...for the past month or so Baby and I have been seeing these random commercials of a shitload of celebrities in a nameless movie. At first we thought it was those gag type commercials when we realized no, that's an actual movie. Well what the hell is it about?

I didn't know that Movie 43 was it's actual name, the producers must be so proud. After seeing all these clips after weeks I came to the conclusion it was worth seeing. It looked funny enough, and Baby was actually interested too- which never happens. So movie date here we come!

You know those movies by that one old guy- Valentines Day and New Years Eve- how they're all these little intricate stories that somehow piece together to make one huge story and in the end they all make sense? Yea this is nothing like those movies. We thought it was. But no, it's more of a series of short stories about 5-10 minutes long. I couldn't tell how far we were into the movie since there was obviously no actual story line so when it ended all I could say was "That's it?"

I won't spoil anything but I will say save your money and wait til it comes out to Redbox. Or just download it. It was funny for what it was but if I had known then what I know now I definitely wouldn't have shelled out 20 bucks for that. There's a strong sense of Family Guy type humor times ten. It's a real guys type movie; half the time I was in shock and awe of what was going on. It could have been way funnier, but then again it was just so abrasive and even sometimes a little vulgar that it probably turned out exactly the way it should have. And yet that worries me since it's Movie "43". Did they go through that many scripts until they were finally like 'Ok, we got it. This is the most awesome, in-your-face movie ever and it's going to kick major ass. Except we're not gonna give it a real title'. Even Baby was let down. When he is the first one to say he's disappointed in a movie you know it wasn't that great.

So yea. If you still want to go see it, by all means go. I'm just here to say it wasn't exactly what I expected and what I got was less than satisfying. My jaw dropped more than I laughed but apparently I don't have that great of a sense of humor anyway so there are probably people out there going what the hell is this bitch talking about, that movie was the shit! To each his own I guess.

* This is not an actual review, more like a personal experience and is not meant to be taken seriously.

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