Polish a turd, it's still a turd

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Happy Friday everyone! Mine is starting out pretty fantastical :) I'm actually not tired which is super rare since I usually take a mini morning nap when Little Dino goes down. That's right, I take naps! I am not a morning person by any means and I ain't ashamed to say that if the opportunity presents itself to sleep, I will jump on it like white on rice!

But anywho~ I am SO stoked because the house is finally coming together even though the weather has been a little bastard trying to delay it as much as it can. What's up with that, weather? Punk. Our realtor called to let us know we can go ahead and pick out our appliances after a month of waiting. Hallelujah! This seriously makes me want to go kid status and jump on the couch with joy.

You're probably thinking "uhh, why is she getting all worked up about her kitchen appliances...is she on something?" That answer is no by the way. Growing up I always felt like Cinderella. Constantly cleaning a house that never really looked or stayed cleaned, and doing it all by hand. Yep, by hand people. I didn't know what a dishwasher was until I asked my mother when I was 11. And I never used one until I got married. I went 21 years without the help of machines that would seriously have made my hectic life a lot easier.

Fast forward to when Baby came back from deployment and we moved into our first place together. Ever heard of Hotpoint, cause I haven't. That's our brand of nasty ass appliances in our apartment. These cheap looking, low grade appliances have been broken since the day we moved in and have caused us more misery than any inatimate object should. They have put us through hell people.

The dishwasher has been the biggest disappointment, especially to Baby. He hates the fact that my first encounter with one has been a complete disaster. It has been "fixed" 3 times, smells like a raccoon curled up and died in there a year ago, and spews out moldy goodness. Our washer has flooded our entire apartment leaving the nastiest mildew smell in our carpet that apparently our landlords don't deem important enough to fix -___- And our fridge makes thee most god awful grinding sound every ten minutes, even though we don't have an ice maker.....needless to say, I'm so over it and ready to move on to glorious things.

Annnnnnnd cue our builder's appliances. Amana. Not as bad as Hotpoint, but not exactly an upgrade either. Baby was not happy about this. So their solution was to give us stainless steel instead of white.....umm, changing the color doesn't really make them work better. I could see the frustration growing on Baby's face. He was ready to tell them all to go to hell, and I'm quite surprised he didn't. So our solution was to take a builders credit and go buy bitchin appliances ourselves.

Baby wants the house to look "super pimp" and I think we've accomplished that!!! Samsung appliances in stainless steel that only came out to $600 more than what they were going to give us! Does anyone else see the stupidity in this? Were they really expecting us to willingly take a turd nugget over awesomeness?

Well today we get to pick them up :) And our tax refund came in last night. Perfect timing IRS! Ahhh, good day.
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