Superbowl XLVII

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Yay, Superbowl Sunday is here!

An excuse to pig out on chicken wings and beer with great friends and yell at the big screen tv. Some people look forward to this day all year long, whether or not their team makes it. This year sadly, our team did not make it. What a damn shame.

For many years I had been a Colts fan. And yes, I know they suck royally now which is why I have since disowned them. But anywho, they had been my team since I was 9 and they had never really let me down. Every person in my household goes for a different team, all oddly blue. Mine the colts, my sister the Chargers, my stepsister the Patriots, my parents the Broncos, and my youngest sister the Cowboys. Big rivalry in that household. Lots of betting and shit talking over the years. Well Superbowl XLIV in 2010 was an exciting year for me cuz I got to shove it in my families face that my team had made it. Ha ha! I had to work that day but made it home just in time for the game. No big party for me that year, I didn't care. I never left my room, not even to pee; I was glued to that damn screen. Well long story short we lost. And I cried. Seriously, I cried. I was so pissed. Then the following year we lost Peyton to his neck injury. The Colts sucked so much ass I was embarrassed for them, and to say I was a Colts fan. I got so much shit from everyone. Peyton should have gotten MVP just because it proves he carried that team. I digress.

So in 2012 I finally decided I had no team and stopped being interested in football. Well Baby was having none of that. He is a Patriots fan and knows practically everything about every team and player it seems (big fantasy football fan that boy is), and told me that by default I was now a Patriots fan. I didn't give in right away but after awhile and throughout the season he had convinced me to join in. By Christmas I was hooked to football again and battling with my mother over teams (Broncos got Peyton, bastards). She was kind enough to get Baby a Brady jersey.

Both our teams made it to playoffs and both our teams lost :( So fucking disappointing. But Baby's backup team is the Ravens which happened to be who the Patriots lost to, so he wasn't too bummed. And one of his best friend's was rooting for the 49ers, so it was nice having a team go up against them so we can talk shit ha ha. And now here we are, preparing the beer and snacks we will be taking to a friend's house to watch the game. Really hope the Ravens win, especially since Ray Lewis is retiring. It would be cool if he won the Superbowl the year he leaves. Plus it's brother against brother. 


Yay! The Ravens won!!! Game was intense towards the end there. Woo, sigh of relief.

 So I wanted to support the Ravens but I don't own any purple clothing, but as luck would have it I just bought purple sweater tights since it has gotten so cold. So go Ravens! Everyone was cooking when we got there so I decided to join in and make my yummy Wonton Tacos. More on that recipe later...Everyone had made it just as the game was starting. I looked around and noticed every woman was pregnant, and one had already had her child. Am I the only one not having a kid in this town?

But anyway, the game started off awesome and commercials were hilarious. The Ravens were totally owning  the 49ers, it wasn't even really a challenging game for awhile. Yet Baby's best friend was still talking mad shit over text, and even bet him 20 bucks the Ravens would lose. Suckerrrrrrr. Then Beyonce happened. That halftime show was so bright, no wonder there was a power outage ;) When Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams popped up out of no where I wasn't too surprised. I was however surprised when she thanked them by name instead of saying Destiny's Child. Ouch. Hint much? She was good but I would have liked her to end the show with something way more upbeat instead of Halo. Oh well.

And then the lights went out. Coincidental timing, indeed. People went crazy over that shit! So many posts, tweets, and rants saying how a pissed off 49ers fan, or even group, somehow managed to pull the power to save them from an embarrassing loss. That would be funny if it were true. 45 minutes of sitting and waiting around getting antsy, I can only imagine how the players were feeling. 49ers hadn't really been "playing" much so it was the perfect moment for them to make a comeback while the Ravens were getting tired. After they resumed the game they came back with fierceness. Whether conspiracy or not, had the power outage not happened the Ravens would have kept their momentum and raped the 49ers. But we shall never know.

^That's one of my favorites ha ^

For a second there Baby actually started to get a little nervous. But Kaepernick can't throw for shit so I wasn't worried. The 49ers coach was hilarious whenever he got pissed off. Throwing shit and yelling. Priceless. He was challenging plays left and right, calling time outs, and pretty much just doing anything to try and save his ass. It didn't work. Especially when Flacco just stood there and stalled. Nice. In the end we won and Baby is now 20 dollars richer. What a way for Ray Lewis to go out. Good game!

Winning game kiss :)

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