Vday Recap

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Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you had a sweetie or not. I myself had to work during the day but it's okay cause I still had a special Valentine :)

This is the little baby dinosaur I look after on a daily basis. He is my responsibility Monday through Friday and he made it his mission to be the perfect Valentine. Normally he doesn't take great pictures because he's always trying to come after the camera and eat it lol. But this time he had way more interesting things to keep him occupied :)

He also makes for a good baking assistant :D He stayed in the kitchen with me while I made Baby one of his Vday presents. I slaved all day on some cookies I tried decorating [that came out kinda ugly, but oh well] so I was really hoping he was going to like them. Thankfully he had another part to his gift so I wasn't too worried ;)

I got inspired last week when I was reading Little Dino a book for his morning nap called "I love you, goodnight". It says things such as 'I love you like wind loves blowing. I love you like plants love growing', so I decided to do it one better and state how I loved him more than something. Clever hah. 

This is the list I came up with- [keep in mind, we're an odd and awesome couple ;)]

I love you more than...

Zombies love brains
Peter loves Lois
Alcoholics love beer
A fat kid loves cake
Vegas loves money
Smoke loves fire
Irish love Guinness
Lily loves Marshall
Sailors love swearing
Junkies love crack
Nerds love video games
Raccoons love trash
Hammers love nails
Pikachu loves Ash
Poseidon loves water
Superman loves Krypton
Vodka loves Redbull
Vampires love blood

Awesome, right? I'd like to think so. I couldn't wait to give them to him! I also got him some coffee for his Keurig [he loves that thing] and that is expensive as hell! What a trip to Wal-Mart that turned out to be.

My gifts are usually physical and Baby's gifts are more outings and activities related. So he has everything planned for today since neither of us had to work and it just so happens to be a Friday. Looking forward to Nashville! Meanwhile I put on my red shirt so we could hit the town~

But I loved my earrings so much [little dangly blood hearts] that I decided to pull my hair back. Which I think makes me look like a totally different person.

Since Baby's birthday is also this month and his headphones broke [punk sat on them] I decided to just get him his present early. Not to mention he was givin me the puppy-dog pout the whole time at Best Buy lol

In case you were wondering, those suckers are not cheap! I'm talkin triple digits here -____- All for a pair of damn headphones. I won't complain about the coffee cups anymore. But they made him happy and they were the best of the best so he deserves them.....he just better not sit on them!

And then we retired to the couch to watch The Big Bang Theory's Valentine's Day episode on the DVR. Love that show.
Good day <3

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1 comment

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