How my Husband got me to Meet the Neighbors

Have you ever been disconnected with the world? Literally disconnected where you have no internet or cable and have to rely on your phone for communication with civilization? We are currently going through this, and I am not liking it one bit. I'm missing all my shows [Vampire Diaries, what is happening?!] and I'm falling behind in the blogging world and the Facebook community. Yes I still have my phone, but that thing can only do so much people!

Since we moved we had to cancel our services with our provider because for some reason this town has a border thing goin on where if you live on one side of the "line" you're stuck with the provider in your area- whether you like it or not. Well I guess our house just happens to be in new territory. So much for just transferring everything. Why do people have to suck? Oh shit, remind me I have to take Charter back their box and remote. Thanks!

So long story short we're stuck until April 2nd. APRIL 2ND! That is a long friggin time to be without internet! Apparently it takes 7 [business] days for our new company to contract us out. Don't know what the fuck that means but I know I am impatiently waiting for it to happen.

Onto the main topic- our immediate neighbors to the left [who I have yet to meet] gave J their WiFi password in the meantime so he can fulfill his military tasks. While being a nice gesture on their part, they're on the older side and have slow ass internet. We basically didn't bother with hooking up since it was a major fail. So still no interwebs. What to do, what to do. Hotspot our phones? Nope, we don't have much data and J doesn't want a massive phone bill. Damn.

So I wait it out and get the house in order [or try to] while he does as much as he can at work. And then yesterday happened. Somehow the tiny sticky note got lost in the mix of the chaotic house- sue me- and ended up in the trash. J comes home and NEEDS to take care of something on the computer right. this. minute. and decides he needs that sticky note. Shit. It's gone. I know it's gone. I don't want him to know I know it's gone. But he will find out. And soon. I immediately try and think what to do. Should I seriously go through the 3 bags of garbage outside to try and find this tiny ass yellow paper that he told me we didn't need? Yep. Damn.

So no paper. And today is the day where I felt like total shit, And we all know that when you feel like shit, you look like shit, too. Cause who the hell really cares about their appearance when all you wanna do is curl up in a ball and die? No one. But my husband decides that I should be the one to go get the password again. No one is home anyway, so I think I'm in the clear. Wrong-o. The other neighbors are home. Damn.

I throw my hair up in a bun, touch up my face, put some pants on, and yell at J for not sucking it up and doing it himself. How's that for an introduction- "Hi, I'm Megalin, your new neighbor. Would you mind if I already ask my first big neighbor favor and use your internet?" Awesome. This should be good. Last minute he gets dressed and decides to join me. Why the hell am I going then? "We'll do it as a couple" he says. Well at least if I go down you're going down with me. 

Turns out they're old. Like, super old. And we get sucked into a house for 45 minutes listening to random fast ramblings and talk of the wife's recent trip to California to bury her dead sister. As we sit there at their old wooden table drinking orange juice out of green glasses while the smell of dog piss fills the air, I can't help but think that even though this is not how I saw my night going, this moment means everything to this couple. I wonder how long it's been since they had visitors. You could tell how excited they were, introducing us to their dogs and showing us every inch [seriously] of their house- you could tell they were proud. And I was genuinely listening. I can't speak for J though.

In the end karma got him for making me go through all that- they didn't even have internet [big surprise there] so we spent 45 minutes there for nothing when we could've actually done it the right way, and we found out last minute they had a cat. J is severely allergic and his eyes couldn't take much more. At least I met the neighbors.

Cara Box


Last month I was hopping along blogs looking for new ladies to stalk follow, and I was noticing many of them were participating in a Cara Box Exchange. What is this you ask? It is one of thee most wonderful ideas someone could come up with to make new friendships through blogging. Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals [awesome blog] created it sort of like pen pals but better- with presents! She pairs you up with 2 bloggers- one sends to you, and you send to the other one- so you get to meet 2 new ladies and have double the fun! I knew I had to join in.

Each month is a different theme and March was "My Name Is...", so everyone had to come up with ideas starting with the first letter of their partner's name. Fun, right? It was! My end didn't go too well [I already spoke with Kaitlyn about it and I didn't have to link up] but I decided to write about my experience with the lovely lady I got to gift. Meg over at Borrowed Heaven was an awesome girl to get to know and I am so glad she got to be my very first experience.

At first it was a little tough to be creative and stick to "M" but I got the hang of it quick! I also just basically used the opportunity to get to know her as a person. I probably didn't need to email her 30+ times [hee hee, my bad] but I now consider her a friend who I will continuously keep in touch with, as long as I don't annoy the hell out of her ;)

Here's a preview of what was sent...

You can find out what I sent her here and maybe you'll wanna sign up for next month! Happy Wednesday!

The New Pad

Continuing with my posts of our new house, I thought I'd show it to you :) It's been a long time coming [started late October] but it's finally done and it's all ours! Yay! You can see our old apartment here.

It's only 5 miles down the street [trust me, that street feels like FOREVER] but now we are actually around everything which is awesome. No more being right in the middle of all the stores and fast food places [we were seriously 15 minutes in between the 2 main roads where everything is at] now we are exactly across the street from the movie theater and around the corner from both freeways. Not to mention Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, all that good stuff- is 2 minutes behind my house! Score! And the best part is it doesn't feel as crowded as all that sounds. We are in a PUD- which is a little neighborhood that has only one way in and one way out- complete with cute little brick houses and picket fences, a park/playground, pool, and rec room.

Our house sits on the left cul-de-sac:


Dining Room
[Baby makes an appearance]

Hallway/ Stairs

Living Room/ Kitchen

Master Bedroom/ Bath

Spare Bedroom


Spare Bedroom

Outside view
[back & front]


I can't wait to furnish and decorate it!
We've got some new pieces and are currently getting things such as curtain rods and shit. SO excited! Aaahhhh!!!

Sunday Social [Spring]

Man am I exhausted! I just spent the entire day scrubbing the hell out of my apartment and could really use some blog therapy :) I completely forgot it was Sunday [my mind has been all over the place this week!] so today's Sunday Social is coming a little lot on the late side, but better late than never! And one of my fav topics, too- Spring time! Every time I hear "Spring time" I think of the very first Tinkerbell movie where they're preparing the 'main land' for Spring and Tink learns the ropes of her tinker talent. Yep, I'm a Disney Dork- you get used to it.

So on with the questions!

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring? Flowers! Reminds me of the garden scene in Alice <3 And I just looooove when the weather warms up, I can't stand being cold! Means I get to bust out all my pretty dresses and sandals and turn all girly :)

2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive? I adore orange roses, especially the ones that are kind of yellow with the orange tips. Gorgeous.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color? I have a shit ton but my nails/toenails haven't seen much color since they're constantly being wrapped up in gloves and boots. Right now I'm just rockin some glitter.
I have man feet :/

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity? Honestly, I really just love to lay in the grass [maybe under a pretty tree] and get swept away in a good book. I'm really looking forward to sunshine so I can take the little one outside.

5. Do you have any fun Spring plans? Now that I finally have a house [with a yard!] I'm super stoked to actually start gardening! I have no idea where to begin but I will definitely have some fun in the process! Hopefully the hubbs doesn't get too frustrated with me ;)
Something like this would look lovely

Moving On

For quite some time I have been mentioning the fact that we [husband and I] are finally moving out of our first place together and into a lovely new house that we had built just for the two of us. We have been crazy excited for months; picking out all the appliances, choosing paint and carpet colors, getting to actually have a bbq because now we have a yard. Completely wrapped up in it all, the date had come for us to start packing  up and leave our 2 bedroom apartment. When the time came I just simply couldn't do it. I had boxes and bubble wrap in my car waiting to attack all the crap inside, and yet I just stood there in my living room, incapable of moving. I looked around and got a little teary-eyed.

This was our very first place together. Our first year of marriage took place here. As I looked around at all the little trinkets and knick knacks that filled these rooms, all the memories came rushing back. We were a married couple here, and we had to make unanimous married -couple decisions. From everything on how to decorate to where things would go, how the tv would be placed, what comforter would be unisex enough for both of us to agree on, everything happened here. We had never been together on our own due to the military always separating us, so this is where we learned each other's habits and pet peeves. Learned to get along happily amidst the random quirks that made up our personalities and clashed together.

I'm an extremely sentimental person, sometimes more than I probably should be [I can't help it!] And I had to admit that even though this place had its cons, [that sometimes irked the hell out of us] I was going to miss this place. And he admitted it, too. So I decided to take pictures of it.

Here is our first place, our apartment:

[bottom level]

Dining Room
[red, black/ music themed]

Living Room
[red, black/ music themed]



Laundry Room

Spare room
[Alice, butterflies, colors]

[green, leaves]

Master bedroom
[blue, black/ Bettie Page]

Now I can look back at it forever <3
And if you looked through all of that you deserve a big bear hug!


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Hello to the 17 of you who actually follow my blog :) And hello to anybody new who happened upon this page. Thank you for stopping by <3 Kisses!

Anywayyyyy- I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. I mean, compared to the million and one other things that always happen to be on my mind since I'm that restless, I've actually been pondering things on the more serious-but-not-crazy-serious side. It seems many unexpected things are changing in my life and by now I don't know how I manage to still be surprised by them.

The first one being major- my wedding. Girls usually have them figured out from 5 years old and can't wait to actually hear the question to solidify that they can officially start planning it. While I wasn't one of those girls, I still have a girly side that fantasizes about my dream wedding. If you are aware that I am already married, then you must be aware that I have yet to have the actual wedding part. He got orders to deploy immediately after getting engaged which completely threw me for a loop. So I waited. And waited. We decided to secretly elope when he came home on his R&R and just act like we were still engaged so we could have a proper wedding in March of 2012 after he came home. That backfired quickly after finding out we would be stationed on the other side of the country -___-

So new plans. We had to spill the beans and feel the wrath of our parents and family members. We then moved it to August to have on our 1 year anniversary and planned to fly home for it. That didn't happen either. Finally we came to terms with this August. I even put a hefty deposit on a venue, cake, etc only to find out that my Maid of  Honor [who is in the Navy] is to deploy one week before the wedding and Baby will be doing pre-deployment training for his deployment next year. So I can't have it this year, I obviously can't have it next year since I need the groom to actually be in attendance- what the hell do I do?! I reschedule for 2015. Great. ANOTHER 2 years of waiting.

I feel like the girl who cried wedding. By the time I finally have this thing [if I ever do] I feel like people won't care anymore. I feel like I won't even care anymore. No one will show up and I will have waited 4 years to spend thousands of dollars on something no one will want to attend. Awesome.

Second change will most likely be my plan of opening my own in-home daycare. I took on a lot of families starting out and they were beginning to pile up. I decided the smart thing would be to have them all in one place so everyone gets what they want. Wrong-o. Apparently if you want to set it up through the state they will send a nice little tattle-tale letter to all your neighbors notifying them of your plans and granting them an opportunity to deny you. We haven't even moved into our new house yet and already our neighbors [who we have yet to meet] have decided they are against this idea. Awesome.

So the majority of things I was to blog about will not be discussed after all. Which leads me to my next topic- I think I'm going to change my blog name. At first it seemed like a random good idea, but now that I've seen the blog world I'm starting to think otherwise. Perhaps some people see it and think, the fack? Maybe some even think me immature. At least that's how I'm perceiving it. But most of all I just feel I didn't really give it much thought. And since I have few followers friends [whom I love] I figure now is my only chance to change it before it starts to really irk me. Then I can devote my time to making my blog look it's best and actually start promoting myself places. Any thoughts? I'd love to hear them :)

I Must Confess...

That my loneliness... is killin me noooooooowww, don't cha know I still believe! That you will be here...and give me a siiiiiiggggn... HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!

Ha! Now you have something new in your head instead Ursher. Take that, Amy! Tired of getting 'Confessions' in my head every damn week ;)

So onto the confessions of the week! There may be a few....or twelve. We shall see...

I confess... I HATE everything about moving. Cleaning, packing, loading, unloading- friggin exhausting!

I confess... I layed in bed last night thinking of a bunch of confessions and have forgotten them all

I confess... it drives me banana sandwich when bloggers use the CAPTCHA on their comment box. It almost makes me not want to go through with my comment..but I do anyway cause I'm awesome like that :)

I confess... I might drive four hours ONE WAY to get a pet. That's how bad I want one

I confess... The hubbs and I did not celebrate St Patrick's Day this year and it didn't really bother us. If our teenage selves knew that they'd beat the shit out of us

I confess... I want a 'real' job with adults. I miss it.

I confess... The baby woke up as soon as I typed that, it's like he knew. He's only been asleep for 30 minutes so I'm not going to go get him.

I confess... I've been so stressed out this past week I haven't been eating or sleeping much.. it's starting to take a toll :/ 

I confess... I'm extremely happy I get the next 2 weeks off from this child. I may not come back

From Drab to Fab

Happy Friday everyone :)
I'm still on my super happy train since our new house in now finished and thought I'd let you join in on my fun. Last time I talked about appliances I wasn't the happiest camper at the situation. If you missed it you can read about it here.

Basically the builder wanted to give us the crappiest kitchen appliances ever and we told him to go to hell and got some on our own. And boy did we do good.

These are our current, shitty and broken appliances in the apartment.

I will not miss them AT ALL!
The dishwasher never worked and the fridge made weird grinding noises every ten minutes -__-

And these are our brand new stainless steel Samsung appliances.

Awww yeh. Total upgrade. And as Baby says- "My bitchin appliances are so pimp"

Cannot wait to start using all my awesome appliances in my cute little house. I am a happy girl :D

Blogger Confessions

Hello fellow bloggers!
 Wednesday again! Week is going by so fast! Linking up once again with Mrs. Catalyn at Confessions of a Northern Belle. I decided to make this week's confessions about my thoughts on blogging so far. More so, the problems I've been having with it. Since I didn't want to address it head on for fear of -well to put it bluntly- looking incredibly stupid, I just put it in my confessions since that's basically what they're about- feeling a little bit silly.

I confess... I've been neglecting my Facebook since I began blogging

I confess... I haven't really made any "friends" in the blogging world and it kind of makes me sad

I confess... I think people might take me more seriously if my layout were better

I confess... I still can't figure out most blog thingys, mainly posting someone's button [sorry Catalyn!]

I confess... I feel my blog name might mislead readers in thinking I'm immature

I confess... I don't want to ask seasoned bloggers questions out of fear of seeming stupid, embarrassed, or annoying

After reading that I am aware of how pitiful it sounds haha

Homeowners, woo!

The Hubbs and I are officially homeowners!

After months of bad weather, careless construction workers, and choosing appliances,
we FINALLY closed and signed the deed to our new house!

My excitement before going to sign :)

The morning was chaotic, though. Yesterday we received the news that we were closing earlier than expected. It completely caught us off guard since we have until the 23rd in our apartment. So we rushed to Wal Mart to get boxes and supplies! The apt is starting to look bare and it's actually making me a little sad. And I had to sell my couch :/ That is explained here, so I put it on Bookoo last night thinking it might take awhile. Someone contacted me within 15 minutes. That was fast.

So the first major purchase I made is now gone :/ And we are currently sitting on our futon mattress hoping to find a new one soon. Fingers crossed! And pics of the house soon to follow!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

30 Second Thursdays

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Hi there! This is my first time doing a video so don't make fun! 
Plus I have no idea why my voice sounds so low but oh well

P.S. My hair is in a bun and I'm wearing sweatpants ;)

This week's question is:
Is it easier being a girl or boy?
Would you trade?

Wednesday Confessions

Woo! It's hump day people! Wednesday has arrived and we're that much closer to the weekend. I wonder why they call it hump day. Is it because people just couldn't contain their excitement that Friday was near to the point where they had to hump everything?

Random fact: table skirts were invented when women covered up everything but their hands. When guys saw any skin, even an ankle, they would go nuts. It was so out of hand they would get turned on seeing table legs. True story.

Anywhooooo.... time for a confessions link up with Catalyn!

I confess... I wear sweats more than I wear jeans

I confess... I hope my future children are like Doc McStuffins on DisneyJr and play doctor with their toys ;)

I confess... If you ever see a picture where my hair is in a bun, I was too lazy to straighten it. Which happens quite often

I confess... I'm really excited for my new dishwasher cause I HATE doing dishes

I confess... I have more Disney movies than an adult should

I confess... I will be doing the Cara box exchange with Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for the first time and I'm scared I'll screw it up somehow...

I confess... I started to let Little Dino explore things so he can learn and it backfired on me. He now has an obsession with the dog's water bowl -____-

Weekend Adventures!!!

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Happy 'Ah damn it's' Monday! :) At least the one good thing about the beginning of the week is sharing how your weekend went. Whether it was uneventful [in your opinion] or super awesome, we want to hear about it! So link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans and lets get to it!

Our house is finally finished [pics soon] and we were starting to realize that maybe our couch is not going to fit in the new living room. It's a tad smaller and set up differently than our current one and we have a pretty big sectional. Baby said we should get a new couch which made me sad. Not only do I love sectionals and it'll be hard finding a smaller version, but that couch was the first thing I bought when I was on my own.

But he's right, and so the furniture hunting began. Saturday we visited all the stores in our little town [which is not much] and came up short. At least I looked cute ;)

Shirt- Little shop in Cali
Cheetah pants- Wet Seal
Jewelry- Gift
Boots- Shoe Carnival

Yesterday we decided to try our luck with Nashville in hopes that since it's a much bigger city there would be more stores and better variety. We were wrong. Every place we went to had the same disgusting shit. At one point we were going down a creepy-ghetto road that made me think we were gonna get shanked and our tires stolen if we stopped for too long. I swear we got the HIV just looking at the place. Eww, I shutter just thinking about it. Heebie jeebies! Needless to say we did not go in. And then the opposite happened. We came to this GIANT 3 story building and we gave each other that look like, 'yeah, this is gonna be awesome'. We were excited to finally coming across a store we might actually find something in....until we got into the parking lot. A bunch of fancy cars I didn't even know the name of were parked in front. We pulled up next to a Range Rover in our little gray Subi and knew we were wayyyy out of our element. Walking in solidified that. We were in there about 10 minutes.
[I was showing off my hood, not my ass]

Shirt- Disneyland
Pants- Little shop in Cali
Headband- Claire's
Earrings- Claire's
Boots- Shoe carnival

The furniture hunting might have been a bust but it's okay. Speaking of bust, when we got back we decided to try the new bar/eatery The Tilted Kilt. First thing I saw when I walked in was boobs. Soooooo many boobs. I literally saw the hostess' rack before her face. Those uniforms put Hooters to shame. Seriously. All Baby and I could do while we were at our table was stare at all the TVs and all of the titties being flaunted in our faces. Good god. If you are conservative, self- conscious, or get easily offended, I highly suggest you do not visit this restaurant. Food was good though. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Sunday Social [5 things]

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Hi all! Sorry this post is a little late, I've been in Nashville all day looking at furniture. Gonna make the house look awesome! :)

So another Sunday has come and gone. The year is already going by so quick! This week's questions are all about the number 5...

1. 5 songs you'll listen to for the rest of your life: I will never tire of Heads will roll by Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Float on by Modest Mouse, Take me out by Franz Ferdinand, Shade by Portugal. The man, and Pretty girl rock by Keri Hilson. That last one is random compared to the rest haha

2. 5 things on your bucket list: Hmm....have 2 kids, travel to another country, restore an old muscle car, build my own library in my house, see a ballet in NYC

3. 5 celebs you'd love to hang out with for a day: Johnny Depp, Chelsea Handler [bitch is so funny!], Lady Gaga, Katy Perry [total girl crush], Emma Stone

4. 5 things you always carry in your purse: wallet, makeup bag, mini hair brush, body spray, hair spray. Wow, that sounded really girly

5. 5 books on your reading list: Wow there are so many! Seriously I have a whole bookshelf so I have more than 5...

6. Share the last 5 pictures on your phone: 

He looooves avocados
A dress I'm contemplating about buying
It snowed...kinda
Little coon I made for Baby drivin stick shift ;)

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