Blogger Confessions

Hello fellow bloggers!
 Wednesday again! Week is going by so fast! Linking up once again with Mrs. Catalyn at Confessions of a Northern Belle. I decided to make this week's confessions about my thoughts on blogging so far. More so, the problems I've been having with it. Since I didn't want to address it head on for fear of -well to put it bluntly- looking incredibly stupid, I just put it in my confessions since that's basically what they're about- feeling a little bit silly.

I confess... I've been neglecting my Facebook since I began blogging

I confess... I haven't really made any "friends" in the blogging world and it kind of makes me sad

I confess... I think people might take me more seriously if my layout were better

I confess... I still can't figure out most blog thingys, mainly posting someone's button [sorry Catalyn!]

I confess... I feel my blog name might mislead readers in thinking I'm immature

I confess... I don't want to ask seasoned bloggers questions out of fear of seeming stupid, embarrassed, or annoying

After reading that I am aware of how pitiful it sounds haha
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  1. I totally don't pay attention to Facebook anymore either haha, I don't know if that's bad or not! I'm sorry blogging isn't quite what you expected so far, but if you have any questions (I know I'm not too experienced) I am more than willing to help!

  2. Ooo posting a button is easy peasy! Right click the button and copy the URL. Then when you insert a pic into your post it will allow you to choose to enter th URL, or save the button to your computer!

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. Hey, I'm new to all of this, too! You definitely don't sound pitiful. This blog world is definitely intimidating!

    -- Emily @

  4. Blogging is serious stuff and it can be so overwhelming! Getting momentum in the beginning is the hardest part. The easiest way to make bloggy friends is by joining blog hops and link ups! If you need ideas about where to link up, I have a page full of the ones I participate in on my blog!

    Hang in there! We're all learning as we go!


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