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Hello to the 17 of you who actually follow my blog :) And hello to anybody new who happened upon this page. Thank you for stopping by <3 Kisses!

Anywayyyyy- I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. I mean, compared to the million and one other things that always happen to be on my mind since I'm that restless, I've actually been pondering things on the more serious-but-not-crazy-serious side. It seems many unexpected things are changing in my life and by now I don't know how I manage to still be surprised by them.

The first one being major- my wedding. Girls usually have them figured out from 5 years old and can't wait to actually hear the question to solidify that they can officially start planning it. While I wasn't one of those girls, I still have a girly side that fantasizes about my dream wedding. If you are aware that I am already married, then you must be aware that I have yet to have the actual wedding part. He got orders to deploy immediately after getting engaged which completely threw me for a loop. So I waited. And waited. We decided to secretly elope when he came home on his R&R and just act like we were still engaged so we could have a proper wedding in March of 2012 after he came home. That backfired quickly after finding out we would be stationed on the other side of the country -___-

So new plans. We had to spill the beans and feel the wrath of our parents and family members. We then moved it to August to have on our 1 year anniversary and planned to fly home for it. That didn't happen either. Finally we came to terms with this August. I even put a hefty deposit on a venue, cake, etc only to find out that my Maid of  Honor [who is in the Navy] is to deploy one week before the wedding and Baby will be doing pre-deployment training for his deployment next year. So I can't have it this year, I obviously can't have it next year since I need the groom to actually be in attendance- what the hell do I do?! I reschedule for 2015. Great. ANOTHER 2 years of waiting.

I feel like the girl who cried wedding. By the time I finally have this thing [if I ever do] I feel like people won't care anymore. I feel like I won't even care anymore. No one will show up and I will have waited 4 years to spend thousands of dollars on something no one will want to attend. Awesome.

Second change will most likely be my plan of opening my own in-home daycare. I took on a lot of families starting out and they were beginning to pile up. I decided the smart thing would be to have them all in one place so everyone gets what they want. Wrong-o. Apparently if you want to set it up through the state they will send a nice little tattle-tale letter to all your neighbors notifying them of your plans and granting them an opportunity to deny you. We haven't even moved into our new house yet and already our neighbors [who we have yet to meet] have decided they are against this idea. Awesome.

So the majority of things I was to blog about will not be discussed after all. Which leads me to my next topic- I think I'm going to change my blog name. At first it seemed like a random good idea, but now that I've seen the blog world I'm starting to think otherwise. Perhaps some people see it and think, the fack? Maybe some even think me immature. At least that's how I'm perceiving it. But most of all I just feel I didn't really give it much thought. And since I have few followers friends [whom I love] I figure now is my only chance to change it before it starts to really irk me. Then I can devote my time to making my blog look it's best and actually start promoting myself places. Any thoughts? I'd love to hear them :)
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1 comment

  1. I'm sorry to hear your plans are being shuffled around so much. That's so frustrating! Eventually you'll get your dream wedding and it'll be fantastic.

    Do what makes you love your blog. This is YOUR corner of the web, so you need to be happy with it. Change the name, the design, the direction of your writing...whatever you feel comfortable with. Your readers will still be there. :)

    Trust me - I just did a COMPLETE revamp of my blog and my readers have been so supportive. Go for it!


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