How my Husband got me to Meet the Neighbors

Have you ever been disconnected with the world? Literally disconnected where you have no internet or cable and have to rely on your phone for communication with civilization? We are currently going through this, and I am not liking it one bit. I'm missing all my shows [Vampire Diaries, what is happening?!] and I'm falling behind in the blogging world and the Facebook community. Yes I still have my phone, but that thing can only do so much people!

Since we moved we had to cancel our services with our provider because for some reason this town has a border thing goin on where if you live on one side of the "line" you're stuck with the provider in your area- whether you like it or not. Well I guess our house just happens to be in new territory. So much for just transferring everything. Why do people have to suck? Oh shit, remind me I have to take Charter back their box and remote. Thanks!

So long story short we're stuck until April 2nd. APRIL 2ND! That is a long friggin time to be without internet! Apparently it takes 7 [business] days for our new company to contract us out. Don't know what the fuck that means but I know I am impatiently waiting for it to happen.

Onto the main topic- our immediate neighbors to the left [who I have yet to meet] gave J their WiFi password in the meantime so he can fulfill his military tasks. While being a nice gesture on their part, they're on the older side and have slow ass internet. We basically didn't bother with hooking up since it was a major fail. So still no interwebs. What to do, what to do. Hotspot our phones? Nope, we don't have much data and J doesn't want a massive phone bill. Damn.

So I wait it out and get the house in order [or try to] while he does as much as he can at work. And then yesterday happened. Somehow the tiny sticky note got lost in the mix of the chaotic house- sue me- and ended up in the trash. J comes home and NEEDS to take care of something on the computer right. this. minute. and decides he needs that sticky note. Shit. It's gone. I know it's gone. I don't want him to know I know it's gone. But he will find out. And soon. I immediately try and think what to do. Should I seriously go through the 3 bags of garbage outside to try and find this tiny ass yellow paper that he told me we didn't need? Yep. Damn.

So no paper. And today is the day where I felt like total shit, And we all know that when you feel like shit, you look like shit, too. Cause who the hell really cares about their appearance when all you wanna do is curl up in a ball and die? No one. But my husband decides that I should be the one to go get the password again. No one is home anyway, so I think I'm in the clear. Wrong-o. The other neighbors are home. Damn.

I throw my hair up in a bun, touch up my face, put some pants on, and yell at J for not sucking it up and doing it himself. How's that for an introduction- "Hi, I'm Megalin, your new neighbor. Would you mind if I already ask my first big neighbor favor and use your internet?" Awesome. This should be good. Last minute he gets dressed and decides to join me. Why the hell am I going then? "We'll do it as a couple" he says. Well at least if I go down you're going down with me. 

Turns out they're old. Like, super old. And we get sucked into a house for 45 minutes listening to random fast ramblings and talk of the wife's recent trip to California to bury her dead sister. As we sit there at their old wooden table drinking orange juice out of green glasses while the smell of dog piss fills the air, I can't help but think that even though this is not how I saw my night going, this moment means everything to this couple. I wonder how long it's been since they had visitors. You could tell how excited they were, introducing us to their dogs and showing us every inch [seriously] of their house- you could tell they were proud. And I was genuinely listening. I can't speak for J though.

In the end karma got him for making me go through all that- they didn't even have internet [big surprise there] so we spent 45 minutes there for nothing when we could've actually done it the right way, and we found out last minute they had a cat. J is severely allergic and his eyes couldn't take much more. At least I met the neighbors.
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  1. Hey, at least you met them right? And yeah, I'm not surprised either that they didn't have the internet! I actually just thought of you - I just turned to ABC Family and Alice in Wonderland just started. I'm sorry you don't have cable - maybe just pop in a DVD to feel better?? :)


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