The New Pad

Continuing with my posts of our new house, I thought I'd show it to you :) It's been a long time coming [started late October] but it's finally done and it's all ours! Yay! You can see our old apartment here.

It's only 5 miles down the street [trust me, that street feels like FOREVER] but now we are actually around everything which is awesome. No more being right in the middle of all the stores and fast food places [we were seriously 15 minutes in between the 2 main roads where everything is at] now we are exactly across the street from the movie theater and around the corner from both freeways. Not to mention Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, all that good stuff- is 2 minutes behind my house! Score! And the best part is it doesn't feel as crowded as all that sounds. We are in a PUD- which is a little neighborhood that has only one way in and one way out- complete with cute little brick houses and picket fences, a park/playground, pool, and rec room.

Our house sits on the left cul-de-sac:


Dining Room
[Baby makes an appearance]

Hallway/ Stairs

Living Room/ Kitchen

Master Bedroom/ Bath

Spare Bedroom


Spare Bedroom

Outside view
[back & front]


I can't wait to furnish and decorate it!
We've got some new pieces and are currently getting things such as curtain rods and shit. SO excited! Aaahhhh!!!

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  1. It. is. STUNNING. I am so jealous. You're going to have an absolute blast decorating your home. I hope you frame the picture of you both in front of the sold sign; that's a great picture.

    1. Yeah we're going to Lowe's today to look at paint! And that's a great idea I didn't think of that. Thanks!


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