Things I'd never do

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Hello Lovelies <3
Linking up with Sarah for Snuggle Saturdays!
The theme is talk about/create a list of things you'd never do

Things I would never do:

1. Dye my hair blonde, yuck
2. I'll never eat a cheeseburger! You can't make me!
3. Get my tongue pierced
4. Drink tea OR coffee [so gross]
5. Watch a horror movie [big chicken]
6. Wear overalls
7. Go to the movies alone
8. Own a big dog [scared]
9. Dig through the garbage, EWW
10. Physically hurt someone
11. Leave the house without makeup

What would you never do?
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1 comment

  1. Haha I used to hate coffee too but now I cant live without it ;) I would never get my tongue pierced either!!! Thanks for linking up!!


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