Wednesday Confessions

Woo! It's hump day people! Wednesday has arrived and we're that much closer to the weekend. I wonder why they call it hump day. Is it because people just couldn't contain their excitement that Friday was near to the point where they had to hump everything?

Random fact: table skirts were invented when women covered up everything but their hands. When guys saw any skin, even an ankle, they would go nuts. It was so out of hand they would get turned on seeing table legs. True story.

Anywhooooo.... time for a confessions link up with Catalyn!

I confess... I wear sweats more than I wear jeans

I confess... I hope my future children are like Doc McStuffins on DisneyJr and play doctor with their toys ;)

I confess... If you ever see a picture where my hair is in a bun, I was too lazy to straighten it. Which happens quite often

I confess... I'm really excited for my new dishwasher cause I HATE doing dishes

I confess... I have more Disney movies than an adult should

I confess... I will be doing the Cara box exchange with Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for the first time and I'm scared I'll screw it up somehow...

I confess... I started to let Little Dino explore things so he can learn and it backfired on me. He now has an obsession with the dog's water bowl -____-
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  1. Trust me, not going to mess it up, I promise! I'm actually replying to your last email right now :) And hahaha your hump day fact was awesome!

  2. That is crazy about the table legs! I didn't know that!

  3. I never knew that about the table leg thing! I definitely wear my hair back a lot when I don't want to do it.

    thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I have to admit that I think I love Doc McStuffins as much as mt 2.5 year old, haha. Such a good show! New follower here.. stopping by from :)


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