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Happy 'Ah damn it's' Monday! :) At least the one good thing about the beginning of the week is sharing how your weekend went. Whether it was uneventful [in your opinion] or super awesome, we want to hear about it! So link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans and lets get to it!

Our house is finally finished [pics soon] and we were starting to realize that maybe our couch is not going to fit in the new living room. It's a tad smaller and set up differently than our current one and we have a pretty big sectional. Baby said we should get a new couch which made me sad. Not only do I love sectionals and it'll be hard finding a smaller version, but that couch was the first thing I bought when I was on my own.

But he's right, and so the furniture hunting began. Saturday we visited all the stores in our little town [which is not much] and came up short. At least I looked cute ;)

Shirt- Little shop in Cali
Cheetah pants- Wet Seal
Jewelry- Gift
Boots- Shoe Carnival

Yesterday we decided to try our luck with Nashville in hopes that since it's a much bigger city there would be more stores and better variety. We were wrong. Every place we went to had the same disgusting shit. At one point we were going down a creepy-ghetto road that made me think we were gonna get shanked and our tires stolen if we stopped for too long. I swear we got the HIV just looking at the place. Eww, I shutter just thinking about it. Heebie jeebies! Needless to say we did not go in. And then the opposite happened. We came to this GIANT 3 story building and we gave each other that look like, 'yeah, this is gonna be awesome'. We were excited to finally coming across a store we might actually find something in....until we got into the parking lot. A bunch of fancy cars I didn't even know the name of were parked in front. We pulled up next to a Range Rover in our little gray Subi and knew we were wayyyy out of our element. Walking in solidified that. We were in there about 10 minutes.
[I was showing off my hood, not my ass]

Shirt- Disneyland
Pants- Little shop in Cali
Headband- Claire's
Earrings- Claire's
Boots- Shoe carnival

The furniture hunting might have been a bust but it's okay. Speaking of bust, when we got back we decided to try the new bar/eatery The Tilted Kilt. First thing I saw when I walked in was boobs. Soooooo many boobs. I literally saw the hostess' rack before her face. Those uniforms put Hooters to shame. Seriously. All Baby and I could do while we were at our table was stare at all the TVs and all of the titties being flaunted in our faces. Good god. If you are conservative, self- conscious, or get easily offended, I highly suggest you do not visit this restaurant. Food was good though. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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