Just Because... I Eat Like Shit Sometimes

Majority of people [mainly females] hate when I talk about my weight/appearance because I'm 'skinny'. Well I'd just like to take the time to explain a few things about this body of mine...and what I put into it.

Everybody has fat. Errrrbody! It's just where it happens to be on certain people. Mine is in the lower area of my body- mainly my lovehandles, ass, and thighs. I have ALWAYS had a problem with this region and I'm still not over it. You will never see me in a bikini without my shorts on- ever. It's not gonna happen. My closest friends keep trying to convince me 'oh you're sooooo skinny just eat something already'....seriously? Umm, I may have a flat stomach, but that does not mean I am in shape by any means. In fact, I am the exact opposite.

My husband makes fun of me all the time for being extremely weak. As in he says what am I gonna do when he deploys again and I need to open a jar. Yeah, it's that bad. I can't run for shit. Which is funny because I played soccer and tennis throughout high school, but that was 5 years ago soooo moving on. You cannot force me on a treadmill. It just won't happen. I'll go for the elliptical though. And I eat a shit ton thank you very much.

The above statement is so true. I know we all want to eat healthy and organic and all of that, but it seriously isn't that bad to give in to temptation. When people go on diets they think only to stick to things like fruits and veggies and fish and all that stuff. Yes, add that to your meals, but don't shame yourself into feeling worthless if you start to think about a cookie. Eat the damn cookie! 

Why eat the cookie? I've been eating much much better than I used to for the past couple of months and there is one main thing I've learned that I would like every woman to know. It's not cheating if you indulge a little. What's going to happen if you eat like a friggin vegan for a few weeks only to have a staff party at work where everyone brings the sweets of death? You're going to be so depressed inside and fill yourself with guilt just for looking at the arrangement of goodies. Then you end up binge eating and all your hard work goes out the window. That's not how you want to live life.

I found that as long as you're eating the right amount of calories for you, you can do no wrong. Oh em gee did I say the word calories? Yes. I'd honestly rather count calories and know what I'm eating than deprive myself and go on a donut spree that results in crying about what just happened and how I can't take it back. It's all about portion control. This way instead of having a "cheat day" or going a month without your favorite food, you can have a little snack every day or every other day and not feel bad. You get your fill and move on.

Bet that picture makes you cringe a little. Well guess what- I still have most of it. I just literally opened the kit kats. I bought it all on Friday because I tried proving a point to a fellow Army wife. She told me to go the 2 weeks J was gone to stick to only healthy foods and see what happens. I had a protein smoothie for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and rice and vegetables for dinner. That shit got boring quick. And my stomach got used to it, but my cravings did not. I stuck to it though, and now I'm trying to prove to her that you can have your cake and eat it too, quite literally in fact.

I know that the world tempts you. Why the hell did all of that cost me $4 but going to the grocery store and wanting a small pack of nutrigrain bars will cost almost 6? They make junk cheap on purpose, and they for some damn reason make healthy shit outrageously expensive. But knowing you have self control is the best feeling in the world. That every now and then you can have a piece of chocolate and not feel guilty you had half a cake at your friend's birthday because all you've been eating is salmon and broccoli. Trust me, it will work. Yes, if I added exercise to this plan I would totally lose what I loathe and I'm working on that. But eating 'junk' isn't going to add pounds either.

Don't believe me still? This is a website where you can plug in your height, weight, age, and activity and it will let you know how many calories you should be eating a day. Not only that, but it will also tell you how many calories you should eat if you want to lose weight. Just don't lie to it, that will hurt no one but yourself. I guarantee you'll be thanking me. I wouldn't mind a cupcake sent my way. 

Just remember no matter what you do- love yourself and happiness will follow. I promise.

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Cara Box Reveal [April]

This is my second month participating in the Cara Box Exchange [my first experience didn't go so well] and I absolutely loved it! If you haven't heard of this lovely little swap, Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals organizes it every month with a different theme and 2 partners to swap with. It's a great way to make new bloggy friends and get awesome, thoughtful gifts in the mail. Who doesn't love that?! If you haven't participated- you MUST! It's fantabulous!

This month's theme for April was "Go Green"
I was partnered with two very lovely ladies that I had a lot in common with!
 I sent a box over to Holly at The Oklahoma Pepplers and she is a divine woman who is doing her very own DIY projects in her backyard with her hubby and 2 dogs.
I received a package from a fellow Army wife- the very chic Samantha over at Hooah and Hiccups!

Okay, this crazy lady has to have psychic powers because it was like she read my mind!
She sent me everything I currently need in colors I adore.
Good job, girlfran!
Oh the suspense of what is inside....

I thought it was very clever [and eco-friendly] to use a recycled, reusable bag instead of tissue paper.
And to top it off- inside that was another bag that held everything!
Clever girl.
So the two bags ended up being gifts as well!
 A reuasble bag, and a cute hot pink lunch tote :)

LOVED everything!

All natural strawberry lip balm
[Which is awesome because I am a chapstick addict and I am on my last one!]

Makeup brushes made from recycled materials
[I was just looking at mine the other day thinking they were old and I needed new ones]

Mini Nail Files
[I chipped my nail the other day and was looking for one like cuh-ray-zee! 
Now I can carry them in my purse!]

Nail polish and a Compact Mirror
[In my 2 fav colors!]

A journal to minimize unnecessary paper messes
[I'm the kinda person who has to write notes and make lists- so this is perfect!]

So thank you Samantha for picking apart my brain and sending me everything I needed to save me a Target trip haha
Love ya, girl!

Quill Covered Cuteness

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Yesterday finally happened! I became the proud mama to thee most adorable fur baby EVER!!! And he is not the typical cat/dog/bird baby you would expect one to get either. He is the unique love of my life <3

It was extremely difficult to convince J to let me have any sort of pet because for some reason they are just horrible to him. After several trial and errors with a puppy, I finally just gave up and stopped trying. Until I came upon exotic pets which got my mind thinking- it wouldn't be boring and it would be in a cage. So hopefully it wouldn't bother J. He agreed and I was ecstatic! But then came the searching. Where would I find one? It took forever, lemme tell ya. It was quite exhausting hunting down breeders. Then came the waiting. I am NOT good with waiting. I can be one of the most impatient people on the planet and I don't keep it to myself. Not the loveliest of traits, but who can really be that patient? 

Well yesterday it was the day that I had been looking forward to for weeks. It was time to go and get my little baby! I had to drive four hours ONE WAY to go and get him! That is a story in itself for another time. But I could not have been more excited in my life for something! It was up there with the excitement of J coming home from a deployment. Not exactly the same thing obviously- but I have never had a pet in my life so I was fuh-reaking out! If you don't agree he is the cutest most sweetest thing you have ever seen- we can no longer be friends. 

Meet my sweet Baby Milo

Sweetest baby hedgehog ever <3

Don't ya just wanna eat him up?! He is so adorbs, only 6 weeks old. He is quilling the poor thing [it's where their baby quills fall out and their adult ones grow in. Kinda like people and baby teeth]. He was a little nervous at first since it was the first time he was meeting his new mama, but he took to me right away. And he got a nice long car ride home. J was already at the house waiting [he ended up coming home Wednesday instead of Thursday! :)] and I'm pretty sure he was more excited than I was haha

The breeder told me to make sure he stayed in his new home untouched for a couple of hours to get used to his new surroundings, and that made J seriously impatient. Which made me feel better since it made me the calm one for once. The little guy was scared when he entered the house and all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball [their defense mechanism]


I quickly put him in his nesting area so he could hide in his igloo, but all he wanted to do was explore. Of coarse I found this entertaining. I don't know if he was being curious, or if he wanted to escape. But then he found his toys and it was cute watching him interact. I loved when I was on the couch and I could hear the little bells, since it meant he was playing. I had to put him in a storage bin for now since he's still so small. My Halloween decorations can wait for now.

After about 4 hours I tried putting my hand next to him to gain his trust. This took patience. Seriously. He just wanted to lick my fingers a whole bunch. He eventually climbed up though. 

He loved J. They were so calm together <3

I tried taking a picture to send to my mother but he wouldn't stop being a little wiggler! 

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I am a horrible blogger who does not know how to do many things, including inserting that little grooveshark thingamabobber, so I will insert Youtube instead.

"I'm so excited"- by The Pointer Sisters

This is how I felt the entire journey to get Milo.
I was so excited.
And I didn't hide it.

I Miss That Punk

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There will be no humping today.
For J is gone, and I can't wait for him to come home tomorrow.
Last week I talked about how nice a little break would be for a marriage. 
But that's just it- a little break is all that is needed.

The day we got married

J went away for 2 weeks for pre-deployment training [he doesn't leave until January] and I looked on the bright side and thought how nice it would be to have some time away from each other. He would do his thing with the Army, and I would get things done around the house.
It didn't really bother me that much, especially when I came home to a trashed house and no J to yell at for it.
After all, I'm a very independent person.
But that all changed rather quickly and it sort of took me by surprise.
You see, we've always had this long-distance type thing going on since we were in high school.
He lived up the hill in the desert which was 45 minutes away from my city, so we had to plan things out in advance. We didn't see each other in school every day like most teens do and that was normal to us.

After we graduated, things got really rough for him. 
Long story short- he moved in with his mother up in Utah, and I was devastated.
We ended up taking a break and I moved to Vegas. 
Well, we couldn't stay away from each other and started the long distance thing. Then he joined the military.
He went to various states in a short period of time and I dealt with it. It was fine.
I had a life- 2 jobs, school, living in one of the busiest- never-ever-sleeps- cities.
We wanted to get married once he came back from basic, but a deployment quickly changed that.
I spent a year away from him.

Fast forward to now.
At first, being by myself was kind of awesome. I didn't need to cook big meals, there was no one to clean up after, and I could watch my "girly" shows whenever I wanted to.
Then after day 3 I got rather bored.
The weekend rolled by and I became quite lonely.
I realized I couldn't do this. I was freaking out and having little panic attacks.
I realized if I couldn't survive a couple of days without him while he was on post, how in the hell was I going to survive his next deployment?!
I scrambled through my brain trying to figure out how I did it the first time.
And then it hit me.

The circumstances are completely different. Last time I was living in a big city, with a roommate, their puppy, 2 retail jobs, school, and a hectic social life. I was never home.
Now it's the total opposite.
I will be living alone, in a small town with almost no friends, no family whatsoever, 
and no way to contact him.
What am I going to do?!
At first you think you've changed. Somehow you've become completely dependent and have lost yourself. Did marriage change who I am?
No, it didn't.

It's not that I became less independent. I still do most things on my own, and I've always been that way.
But once you're married [or living with your s/o] you get used to that life.
Used to that person being there every single day. To talk to. To lie next to you in bed every night.
And once that is gone, you feel empty inside.
For your other half is no longer with you.

I'm not sure what I am going to do once January rolls around.
Part of me hopes the rumors are true about the unit who will already be there just extending a little longer so there is no need for J's unit to be there. That they will just close everything up to get our troops out of there instead of J's unit being the last ones there.
But that isn't how the Army works.

Maybe I can get a roommate so that someone will be in the house with me.
Maybe I can get a dog to keep me company and help me feel safe.
Maybe I should do tons of volunteer work and drown myself in activities to take my mind off those 9 months.
Whatever it is, I need to do something.
I don't want to feel as alone as I actually am.

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Food Dates

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Since I live in a military town it should really come to no surprise that all my lovely lady friends are also Army Wives. And no, when we get together it is not like that crazy dramatic show that misleads people. We are normal woman who just happen to be married to soldiers. End of story.

Yesterday two of them invited me on of food dates. Me? Two eaterys in one day? I felt so special. Especially since I was getting rather lonely with J being gone. It's hard meeting up with people when everybody has such busy lives. So 2 dates in one day sounded fabulous to me. And behold it was perfect dress weather! FINALLY! My poor dresses have been impatiently waiting in my closet in hopes of being worn. Damn Spring.
I had fun in the car while I waited :)

I had woken up on the later side due to me not being able to sleep very well without J, so I had a late breakfast smoothie and was still on the full side when I met up with the lovely Jen for lunch at Panera. It was my first time ever being there [J says they're too expensive for us to go] and I got completely overwhelmed. It's like a diner-bakery-cafe-thing and the menu was massive! Massive I tell you! So while everyone was getting fancy with their orders I just stuck with a smoothie and carrot cake. Good choice, I know.
So fancy for a cupcake

We had several more adventures and talked about the ways of volunteering more with our husband's units. Homegirl has the details on everything as she used to be enlisted as well. It's like I have an inside man ;)

I was home for about a minute when sweet Kayla invited me to join her and the mister to the Olive Garden. And by mister I mean little dude[2 month bebe]. So naturally I got back into my car and headed for the all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks. Seriously, who can say no to that shit? They hate it when J and I go cause he can really put it away. That all you can eat really applies to him and he'll go through about 12 bowls of soup- no joke. I myself turn into a raging monster who hasn't eaten in months when I'm there. It's a sight.
The aftermath

We stayed there so long they had to force us out because they were closing. So had we not been kicked out, we probably would have surpassed our 3 hour mark of endless chit-chat. Hey, we needed to catch up! Haven't seen that lady since Easter. And I missed that sweet little mixed baby :)
Many battles have been fought over these sacred treats

Silly baby

A Weekend to Myself

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Since J is gone until Thursday for field training I got to spend the entire weekend by myself. Some may wonder why someone would look forward to being all by their lonesome for that long, but trust me, it was nice...for the most part. Some evenings may have gotten spooky....

My weekend started Thursday since I had Friday[and this whole week]off. So it was time to start drinking! I had the shittiest day cleaning up my boss' entire house while watching her child and suffering through my horrendous neck pain the whole time. Seriously, I would have killed for some drugs. I ended up finding percocet in one of the kitchen cabinets from her c-section, and trust me when I say it took everything in me not to pop a few. Damn that child sometimes. At least I know I'm a good person for staying away while around a baby. Props, Megalin, props.

On my way home I was looking forward to a drink, or seven. And a cupcake. Then it hit me- a new cupcake shop just opened down the street. You bet your ass I got one.
Chelsea was my best friend that night.

I don't remember much due to how many different kinds of margaritas I had. Apparently one of my friends stopped by to borrow my vacuum... no wonder it was missing. Then my friggin tv suddenly went out. Asshole flat screen. Thing is only 5 months old! Do you know how hard it is to function drunk, let alone try and figure out what is wrong with your tv?! I gave up and passed out went to sleep.

Since I woke up still drunk a little hungover, I decided to start my day with a strawberry-banana protein smoothie. Aww yeh. So tasty. I ended it with a vanilla bean frap and tasty treats. Yum!

Still feeling a tad on the tipsy side I couldn't help but make the duck face every time I went to take a picture. 
I think I look like my sister here

It had been 83 degrees the day before and managed to get down to 47 on Friday. Grr. The weather really needs to make up it's mind. I figured a tank would be appropriate for when it would randomly decide to get hot. Which I knew it would, bastard weather. I finally managed to take an appropriate picture.

I had to go pickup our other nightstand because quite frankly, J and I just simply forgot about it. It had been chillin at the warehouse for over a week and I figured I better stop procrastinating and go get it. On the way there I noticed all the fields had the same yellow flower growing. It was crazy looking! Guess the flowers gave up on waiting for the heat and decided to hell with it, let's just grow already. Which I'm glad because it was pretty.
That shit went on for miles

I had to wake up on the early side to send out my Cara box to my partner and had found out they close way early on Saturdays. Lame. Well lucky for me I didn't have to worry about waking up late cause the damn construction people next door decided "Hey, you know what? We haven't worked all week long but let's randomly go on a Saturday morning and wake Megalin up at 7:30" Assholes. 

I tried staying positive. I even put a little braid in my hair :) That's as much as you're gonna get out of me with my hair. I'm not girly in the slightest.[ The only makeup I wear is blush so I don't look pale]
There's that pouty face again. Can you see my braid at least?

I figured now is as good a time as any to get in some shopping. Every time I go to my closet there's a bunch of tank tops. I'm rather sick of it. Plus I noticed most of my shirts are from high school, and I graduated 5 years ago. Time to upgrade to nice, adult clothes. Let's try to get girly while we're at it....

-started out normal
-love this color, my fav
-the back is way pretty
-tried my first bandeu top [i got a plain white one]

And then I saw it. The cutest most awesome top EVER!!!
It's a friggin lace hoodie! How cool is that?! I had to get it

So there you have it.
 Sundays are always spent doing household chores so I won't bother you with that nonsense.

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Sunday Social [Weaknesses]


1. What is your shopping weakness? 
Shoes. And any girly clothing shops like Wet Seal.
And Target. Target kills me.
[I just went there 3 times in the past 4 days]

2. What is your food weakness?
French fries! I always have room in my stomach for them- from anywhere.
[I prefer Burger King's]

3. What is your go-to movie to watch when nothing is on?
That is actually happening right now. My tv went out Thursday night so I've been streaming movies on Netflix on my laptop
[Having a Rules of Engagement marathon]

4. What is your go-to breakfast food?
I usually don't eat breakfast, but I've been trying to have fruit or something
[Made this- delish]

5. Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you take it?
NOPE! Coffee= super gross. Sorry, guys.
 Anything off the Starbucks menu without coffee, I'm there
[Strawberries n Cream Frap]

When I Grow Up...

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When I heard that Whitney and Erin were doing a one time link-up and was about your ideal life when you "grew up", I knew I had to take part.
What person doesn't like talking about their imaginary lifestyle of perfectness?
That's basically the whole reason we have Pinterest!
[FYI- I'll never grow up! No matter how hard J makes me!]

So let's get to it!

-I would actually go to college as soon as I graduate high school

-I would not waste time or be a lazy ass and have a gorgeous bod

-Have my dream wedding with my gorgeous mancandy

-Travel the world with said mancandy

-Live in a bitchin house that never gets dirty
[cause someone else will clean for me!]

-Be completely lovely 24/7

-Go to Disneyworld whenever the hell I want!

-Drive my dream car

-Lounge in my secret garden

-Keep my clothes in a massive closet

-Pop out some adorably photogenic babies

-Who grow into kick-ass kids

And still be my awesome self!
Wish I could get a do-over and actually go through with some of that shit.
Oh well. It's nice to dream :)

What would you like to do/have when you grow up?

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