A Weekend to Myself

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Since J is gone until Thursday for field training I got to spend the entire weekend by myself. Some may wonder why someone would look forward to being all by their lonesome for that long, but trust me, it was nice...for the most part. Some evenings may have gotten spooky....

My weekend started Thursday since I had Friday[and this whole week]off. So it was time to start drinking! I had the shittiest day cleaning up my boss' entire house while watching her child and suffering through my horrendous neck pain the whole time. Seriously, I would have killed for some drugs. I ended up finding percocet in one of the kitchen cabinets from her c-section, and trust me when I say it took everything in me not to pop a few. Damn that child sometimes. At least I know I'm a good person for staying away while around a baby. Props, Megalin, props.

On my way home I was looking forward to a drink, or seven. And a cupcake. Then it hit me- a new cupcake shop just opened down the street. You bet your ass I got one.
Chelsea was my best friend that night.

I don't remember much due to how many different kinds of margaritas I had. Apparently one of my friends stopped by to borrow my vacuum... no wonder it was missing. Then my friggin tv suddenly went out. Asshole flat screen. Thing is only 5 months old! Do you know how hard it is to function drunk, let alone try and figure out what is wrong with your tv?! I gave up and passed out went to sleep.

Since I woke up still drunk a little hungover, I decided to start my day with a strawberry-banana protein smoothie. Aww yeh. So tasty. I ended it with a vanilla bean frap and tasty treats. Yum!

Still feeling a tad on the tipsy side I couldn't help but make the duck face every time I went to take a picture. 
I think I look like my sister here

It had been 83 degrees the day before and managed to get down to 47 on Friday. Grr. The weather really needs to make up it's mind. I figured a tank would be appropriate for when it would randomly decide to get hot. Which I knew it would, bastard weather. I finally managed to take an appropriate picture.

I had to go pickup our other nightstand because quite frankly, J and I just simply forgot about it. It had been chillin at the warehouse for over a week and I figured I better stop procrastinating and go get it. On the way there I noticed all the fields had the same yellow flower growing. It was crazy looking! Guess the flowers gave up on waiting for the heat and decided to hell with it, let's just grow already. Which I'm glad because it was pretty.
That shit went on for miles

I had to wake up on the early side to send out my Cara box to my partner and had found out they close way early on Saturdays. Lame. Well lucky for me I didn't have to worry about waking up late cause the damn construction people next door decided "Hey, you know what? We haven't worked all week long but let's randomly go on a Saturday morning and wake Megalin up at 7:30" Assholes. 

I tried staying positive. I even put a little braid in my hair :) That's as much as you're gonna get out of me with my hair. I'm not girly in the slightest.[ The only makeup I wear is blush so I don't look pale]
There's that pouty face again. Can you see my braid at least?

I figured now is as good a time as any to get in some shopping. Every time I go to my closet there's a bunch of tank tops. I'm rather sick of it. Plus I noticed most of my shirts are from high school, and I graduated 5 years ago. Time to upgrade to nice, adult clothes. Let's try to get girly while we're at it....

-started out normal
-love this color, my fav
-the back is way pretty
-tried my first bandeu top [i got a plain white one]

And then I saw it. The cutest most awesome top EVER!!!
It's a friggin lace hoodie! How cool is that?! I had to get it

So there you have it.
 Sundays are always spent doing household chores so I won't bother you with that nonsense.

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