A Well Deserved Rant

I had intended this to be a prequel paragraph to my Wednesday Confessions but soon realized I was beyond the point of rambling and figured I'd just make it its own post. Ever have one of those days that just completely fucking suck to the point where you're like "I'm done. I give up." For me, that day was Tuesday.

It started off a pretty shitty day, from the moment I woke up. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong and it drove me banana sandwich. It was still enough to deal with and I ended my shift with Little Dino watching Disney movies which was fun. Just as I thought I could go straight home and take a nice, hot shower to cleanse myself of the dreadful day- J calls me and tells me to come on post so I could sign a few things he needs taken care of -___- God damnit. For those of you confused at my frustration, a military base is not really somewhere you wanna be, especially on a day like I was having. 

Just to get on post is a complete hassle due to the hundreds of people also needing to get on, and inching little by little in a manual is quite annoying. Not to mention for some reason I always forget to take out my military ID before I get to the guard- your ass will not get on post without it. And if you act in any kind of weird way, or they just feel like it, they will randomly tell you to pop open your trunk so they can inspect it. Doesn't sound that bad? Well, it's not as if you just pull your trunk lever and they do it all on their own. You gotta park your car and get out to do it yourself while they just stand there and watch. They've done this to me one time in the Scion, which I thought was completely stupid since it's a hatchback AND obviously see through. So dumb. Luckily this wasn't one of those times.

Once you get past the guards you get to enjoy driving a tedious 25 mph [the entire time because that's just how they roll] getting lost trying to find the one brown building your looking for out of the hundreds of brown buildings that all look the same throughout the base, only to come across several dead ends. You also can't call who ever you are meeting to ask for directions because they purposely block reception to cell phones at work. Lame. I finally show up, get in and out, and think I'm in the clear.

I survive base. Yes! Oh look, now it's almost 5 pm where the entire town gets off at the same time and now we're all trying to get home on the same one main road because this town is so big yet little they can't create alternate routes home. Major traffic in a stick shift. Awesome. My day just got so much better. Still can't get worse, right? Wrong. I get stuck behind some SUV at a light that turns green and the driver is so distracted she doesn't go. Well my car can't wait for such shenanigans and stalls out. If you've never driven stick, stalling out sucks and never ceases to embarrass you. I haven't stalled in quite sometime so I was pissed. For some reason the car decided not to start back up. So I'm sitting there in the middle of the road in a bright red car with people behind me honking the shit out of their obnoxious horns and I just wanted to die. This is so not my day.

Once I get past humiliation and get my car back in gear, I spend the next 30 minutes traveling about, mmm, one mile until I just can't take it anymore. I'm coming up on a side road that will take me completely out of my way but at this point I simply don't care. You know what else I don't care about? Cutting off asshole Tennessee drivers that speed up when you try to merge so you slow down to go behind them and then THEY slow down. I about cut a bitch. I end up going TWO long ways because the traffic in this town is so congested it takes 2 hours to get home when it should take only 15 minutes. And people say California is bad. At least there it's only the freeways you have to worry about. I digress.

I make it home. I am so pissed I'm shouting curse words that don't even exist. I'm slamming doors and throwing my phone and just a complete hot mess. I need a fucking drink. And then I think, "Fuck, J is going to walk through that door and immediately get attacked. He doesn't deserve that." He really doesn't. It happens to him a lot actually. And by that I mean I can be quite the be-yotch when I'm mad. I stand there knowing I'm going to yell at him. I chug my bottle hoping it'll make me feel better. It doesn't. It's not that I want to yell at him, but I know it will inevitably happen. I"m that kind of person that once I'm mad, like super-omega-fucking pissed, you better leave me alone for awhile or you will unfortunately feel my wrath. My poor husband. He's such a trooper. 

I try to come up with a plan. When he walks in I'll just tell him I've had a shitty day and it's gotten way worse since I last saw him. He'll leave me alone and I'll get over it and everything will be okay. Of coarse that's not what happened. He pushes the door open and just stands there. "You need loves" he says. "I really don't." I can feel the bitchiness try to break through. I simply state I'm pissed and he latches onto me. He then attempts to humor me with stuffed animals and wiggling. It's oddly making me feel better. He kisses my cheek and nuzzles my neck and tells me to put my shoes on. We go for a drive and I soak in the sunlight through the open roof while he holds my hand. *Deep breaths* He gets me a Sonic Blast and rubs my thigh. All is well. All is calm. We get home and giggle at silly jokes and cozy up on the couch. Love that boy.

If you actually read all of that you are now my best friend and must inform me of this. Sorry I went on forever; I'm a writer, it's what I do. And I really needed to vent. Love you guys!

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  1. This is me simply informing you that I read all the way through.
    Bad traffic is the perfect way to make an annoying day turn into a shitty day in a heart beat! You are not alone in yelling at your husband when you are mad. I do the same thing to mine. He usually makes a grilled cheese or something because he thinks I am hungry.

  2. Holy moly that sounds like an awful day. I feel like ALL of my pet peeves are driving related, so I definitely feel you there. I have also only been driving Mike's standard car for a year, and stalling out is SO EMBARRASSING haha. But seriously, you have such an amazing husband!! You are one lucky lady :)


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