Creepy Creepertons

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We are still not fully moved in our house yet, and we have A LOT of shit to unpack and do. One of the main things being our 2 giant windows in the living room. Since the first night we slept here, these windows have bugged the hell out of me. One is in the living room and the other in the dining room. Plus we also have a little one above our kitchen sink. I want these covered up right meow! They are driving me crazy that it's just so out in the open. I feel like I can't walk around the house without being watched. And don't even get me started on how creepy they are at night! Who wants to feel this way in their own house?!

I have been yelling at J to do something about this since that very first day. He tried telling me he wants to wait for his dad to visit [he's a contractor and will be helping us make changes to the house] to put up blinds and things like that so he doesn't mess it up. Well that's fine and dandy, but we don't know when the hell he is coming. And I am not going to wait months for someone who may or may not come to cover up these giant peepers! I tell him to get over it. He doesn't of coarse and tells me to suck it up. Ugh! How rude. Can't we at least get curtains?! He finally gives in to the curtains. Yes! It's been a week since we've had them and he has yet to put them up -____- He is leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks and I will be damned if these things aren't up by the end of the night.

Last week our realtor had come by to tell us she sold the lot next to us and that they will begin building the house very soon. She wasn't kidding. I arrived Thursday after work to find a bunch of white trash looking dudes blocking the entrance to my house. They then proceeded to stare at me while I pulled up to the curb, got out of the car, and walked into my house. I could feel the icky eyes following me the entire time. I immediately called J as I freaked out and he told me not to worry. If they messed with me or the car apparently they would get their heads smashed in. But you didn't hear that from me.

Little did I know that Friday would be much worse. If I thought 3 guys staring at me was creepy enough- try about 10. I had to weasel my way up to my house and once I got out of the car I noticed they were progressing quite fast. The foundation is already done and they are now in the main area of the lot to actually start building. The thing about our neighborhood is, every single house is right on top of each other. And this particular lot is super skinny. For awhile J and I would talk about how we couldn't picture a house there because, well, where the hell would it go? So because of this, they can pretty much see everything I'm doing in my house. Why? Because they are right friggin there at my window...

It doesn't quite look like it, but they are right there by the border of my grass. There were 3 other guys, but I didn't wanna get too close for fear of them noticing me. Needless to say, I was creeped out AND pissed. Pissed at J for not putting up the damn curtains that would have prevented my nerves from freaking out! I will be damned if he leaves me for 2 weeks by myself with these hooligans lurking outside my windows peeking in. Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh man I know that feeling of people looking in all too well! I made Adam hang all of our blinds the first night we moved in haha! But, we have construction going on right next to us too and on Saturday went out early in the morning in short sleep shorts and a t-shirt to find a bunch of guys next door - eek! You need to get some of those temporary paper blinds to hang if you can't get the hubby to do it before he leaves ;) Just stick them up with some double sided tape haha!


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