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Since I live in a military town it should really come to no surprise that all my lovely lady friends are also Army Wives. And no, when we get together it is not like that crazy dramatic show that misleads people. We are normal woman who just happen to be married to soldiers. End of story.

Yesterday two of them invited me on of food dates. Me? Two eaterys in one day? I felt so special. Especially since I was getting rather lonely with J being gone. It's hard meeting up with people when everybody has such busy lives. So 2 dates in one day sounded fabulous to me. And behold it was perfect dress weather! FINALLY! My poor dresses have been impatiently waiting in my closet in hopes of being worn. Damn Spring.
I had fun in the car while I waited :)

I had woken up on the later side due to me not being able to sleep very well without J, so I had a late breakfast smoothie and was still on the full side when I met up with the lovely Jen for lunch at Panera. It was my first time ever being there [J says they're too expensive for us to go] and I got completely overwhelmed. It's like a diner-bakery-cafe-thing and the menu was massive! Massive I tell you! So while everyone was getting fancy with their orders I just stuck with a smoothie and carrot cake. Good choice, I know.
So fancy for a cupcake

We had several more adventures and talked about the ways of volunteering more with our husband's units. Homegirl has the details on everything as she used to be enlisted as well. It's like I have an inside man ;)

I was home for about a minute when sweet Kayla invited me to join her and the mister to the Olive Garden. And by mister I mean little dude[2 month bebe]. So naturally I got back into my car and headed for the all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks. Seriously, who can say no to that shit? They hate it when J and I go cause he can really put it away. That all you can eat really applies to him and he'll go through about 12 bowls of soup- no joke. I myself turn into a raging monster who hasn't eaten in months when I'm there. It's a sight.
The aftermath

We stayed there so long they had to force us out because they were closing. So had we not been kicked out, we probably would have surpassed our 3 hour mark of endless chit-chat. Hey, we needed to catch up! Haven't seen that lady since Easter. And I missed that sweet little mixed baby :)
Many battles have been fought over these sacred treats

Silly baby

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