Hello Monday.. Grr.

Weekend's over already. Spring Break has come and gone. Back to Mondays where we're exhaustingly tired and hate our lives until Friday comes back to us. Oh the joy. Recaps of weekends are fun though :) Some are more eventful than others, which is what happened to me this past weekend starting bright and early Friday morning.

So I had the past two weeks off cause Bossman took leave which made me unnecessary, however he found use for me Thursday and Friday. He just NEEDED to go to a golfing tournament on Thursday and called me at 7 in the am to tell me so -___- I had to come over right away. The only thing that made that worth it was I was actually having baby withdrawals and missed Little Dino terribly. On to Friday- apparently they had a keg every 3 holes and Bossman got wasted [naturally] and randomly brought home a baby kitten. That's a damn shame because they have a German Shepard. My first thought was "Zeke is gonna eat that cat." My second thought was "Shit, J is allergic and now I'm probably going to kill him."

Obviously Little Dino was completely drawn to this cat, never letting it out of his sight. So of coarse the cat got smart and realized ''this evil baby is going to squeeze me to death'' and would hide under whatever was closest to her.

She enjoyed that thing for about a hot second before seeing Little Dino book it towards her.

She wouldn't even come out with the luring of the toy mouse. She knew who was there to greet her. I had to hold her so he could pet her. She scratched the ever living shit out of my arm btw. Damn cat. 

She sees him just lurking there...


He then wore her out...

...so he moved on to the remote. Now he knows he can't have this. He saw it at the very edge of the end table and made his move. Reached it, yet failed to grasp. It knocked over behind the chair, but he wasn't going to let that stop him...

Oh yeah, he climbed in there alright. 
"Almost got it"
"Ha- my remote"
"Anybody looking?"
*nom nom nom*

Little punk. I had to go all the way around and move the chair to get him out. Because of coarse they can squeeze themselves into those kind of positions, but they can never get back out.

Later that evening I experienced mediocre excitement. My washer and dryer finally came! Usually as women, we absolutely loathe laundry. Everything about it. Especially the folding. I know I'm not the only one who will run the dryer 3 times before actually folding the load. I just literally did that so I could type this. 

Fancy schmancy, hah? Yep, those babies even tell me how much time is left until it's done. I actually had to read the instructions to find out how to work the damn things. And get this- when the washer is done, instead of making a buzz or ding noise- it sings a little tune. I shit you not that thing serenades me into taking the laundry out. I have yet to figure out how to make this stop.

We were supposed to venture out to go shopping for things like curtains and bathroom accessories when J tells me he doesn't feel so good and to wake him up in 15-20 minutes so he can take a quick cat nap. Roger that, chief! I try waking him in 20 minutes...then 45...then an hour goes by. I'm dressed and ready to go, damnit! If any of you ladies are like me, you HATE wasting an outfit AND perfectly good makeup only to just sit around the house some more. Nope, not gonna happen. I won't go without him, but I will go to the mall. I left for 3 hours and got some really cute summer dresses. It was weird leaving after so much time and it being 6 and walk out to sunlight. I liked it. Spring is upon us! When I got home he was still asleep. I digress.

Ah, Sunday. I went to check the mail from the weekend [cause I'm lazy like that] and felt the warm sun and light breeze on my face. I was so excited to finally get a glimpse of Spring. I wore shorts people, shorts! And sandals! I'm glad Winter got off it's period and let Spring have a moment to shine, however quick it may be. I was one happy girl :)

Ignore the pasty thunder thighs. They haven't seen the light of day in many a moon.
Me being silly. I was excited!

Went to many places and got many things. Our fun really began once we hit Bed Bath and Beyond. Love that store. Got some nice goodies. Well, J did.

1. The 3-bottle alcohol dispenser J just had to have
2. Our new curtain rods that match our staircase
3. A mattress protector that smells like Lilac
4. The coffee pod drawer J wanted for his K cups

Yay for stuff! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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  1. I had something similar happen to me Saturday. I was supposed to go out to dinner with my parents and watch the first Final Four game so I got all dressed, makeup on and hair almost done only to realize that was just an idea and not a plan! *shrug* Got to talk to a good friend I hadn't spoken to in a while and wouldn't have been able to do that in the restaurant. :)

  2. I felt the EXACT same way when I got my new washer and dryer for the house. I convinced hubs to let me get the red ones too because heck, if I have to do laundry I should get to look at something pretty! Mine play a little song too but I have a button that I tap to make it loud, soft or off so I'm not much help there. Enjoy the new laundry machines :)


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