Just Because... I Eat Like Shit Sometimes

Majority of people [mainly females] hate when I talk about my weight/appearance because I'm 'skinny'. Well I'd just like to take the time to explain a few things about this body of mine...and what I put into it.

Everybody has fat. Errrrbody! It's just where it happens to be on certain people. Mine is in the lower area of my body- mainly my lovehandles, ass, and thighs. I have ALWAYS had a problem with this region and I'm still not over it. You will never see me in a bikini without my shorts on- ever. It's not gonna happen. My closest friends keep trying to convince me 'oh you're sooooo skinny just eat something already'....seriously? Umm, I may have a flat stomach, but that does not mean I am in shape by any means. In fact, I am the exact opposite.

My husband makes fun of me all the time for being extremely weak. As in he says what am I gonna do when he deploys again and I need to open a jar. Yeah, it's that bad. I can't run for shit. Which is funny because I played soccer and tennis throughout high school, but that was 5 years ago soooo moving on. You cannot force me on a treadmill. It just won't happen. I'll go for the elliptical though. And I eat a shit ton thank you very much.

The above statement is so true. I know we all want to eat healthy and organic and all of that, but it seriously isn't that bad to give in to temptation. When people go on diets they think only to stick to things like fruits and veggies and fish and all that stuff. Yes, add that to your meals, but don't shame yourself into feeling worthless if you start to think about a cookie. Eat the damn cookie! 

Why eat the cookie? I've been eating much much better than I used to for the past couple of months and there is one main thing I've learned that I would like every woman to know. It's not cheating if you indulge a little. What's going to happen if you eat like a friggin vegan for a few weeks only to have a staff party at work where everyone brings the sweets of death? You're going to be so depressed inside and fill yourself with guilt just for looking at the arrangement of goodies. Then you end up binge eating and all your hard work goes out the window. That's not how you want to live life.

I found that as long as you're eating the right amount of calories for you, you can do no wrong. Oh em gee did I say the word calories? Yes. I'd honestly rather count calories and know what I'm eating than deprive myself and go on a donut spree that results in crying about what just happened and how I can't take it back. It's all about portion control. This way instead of having a "cheat day" or going a month without your favorite food, you can have a little snack every day or every other day and not feel bad. You get your fill and move on.

Bet that picture makes you cringe a little. Well guess what- I still have most of it. I just literally opened the kit kats. I bought it all on Friday because I tried proving a point to a fellow Army wife. She told me to go the 2 weeks J was gone to stick to only healthy foods and see what happens. I had a protein smoothie for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and rice and vegetables for dinner. That shit got boring quick. And my stomach got used to it, but my cravings did not. I stuck to it though, and now I'm trying to prove to her that you can have your cake and eat it too, quite literally in fact.

I know that the world tempts you. Why the hell did all of that cost me $4 but going to the grocery store and wanting a small pack of nutrigrain bars will cost almost 6? They make junk cheap on purpose, and they for some damn reason make healthy shit outrageously expensive. But knowing you have self control is the best feeling in the world. That every now and then you can have a piece of chocolate and not feel guilty you had half a cake at your friend's birthday because all you've been eating is salmon and broccoli. Trust me, it will work. Yes, if I added exercise to this plan I would totally lose what I loathe and I'm working on that. But eating 'junk' isn't going to add pounds either.

Don't believe me still? This is a website where you can plug in your height, weight, age, and activity and it will let you know how many calories you should be eating a day. Not only that, but it will also tell you how many calories you should eat if you want to lose weight. Just don't lie to it, that will hurt no one but yourself. I guarantee you'll be thanking me. I wouldn't mind a cupcake sent my way. 

Just remember no matter what you do- love yourself and happiness will follow. I promise.

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  1. Thank you for this. I try to tell people this ALL the time! If you overdo it on junk, obvs that's bad. If you eat junk AND eat healthy, it is not the end of the world. But either way, health is about so much more than food. I hate the term "skinny." Buh.

  2. Great post! Now I don't feel bad about that ice cream I had last night. And I'm headed to check out that website. Thanks!

    Amy B.
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  3. I love this post and it helps me out by thinking this way! I am well overweight due to PCOS and not taking care of myself when I needed to. i hate the word DIET and i hate counting calories, here lately i have been watching my portions and watching my junk food intake, I have to indulge a little bit here and there OR ELSE i'll fall off the wagon everyone needs to have this thinking!!!!!!!!! Love this post!

  4. i totally agree! eat what you want and try and stay in your calorie limit! i could not live without eating chocolate everyday!


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