Little Dino Adventures

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Someone has turned 9 months old!

"Oh, hello"

Can't believe that much time has flown by! For those of you who don't know, I watch this little guy every day while his parents are working. He's practically my own child by now haha When people ask what I do for a living J usually responds with "She's a part-time mom"...can't really argue with that ;) I mean, I do technically get paid to play with a baby all day. Some days are fun while others are uneventful. Most of the time I miss adult company, but then I remember all those horrible jobs I use to have that involved customer service and pretending to be nice to angry people, so I don't worry too much. 

"What happened?"

Plus this is the best age where all the fun is at! All the exploring, learning new things, starting to babble-talk, cutting teeth, and basically driving me nuts! He's getting so fast I can hardly keep up! Which says more about me than him I suppose...but for reals- that baby can get into a lot of shit real quick. When are those eyes that my mom always spoke about going to show up on the back of my head? Sure would come in handy. Especially with his freaky admiration with the dog's food bowls. No bueno.

He's way more interested and fascinated with such trivial things now:

Gotta watch him like a hawk during bath time

His obsession with spoons is at its peak

His motorcycle is now a seat to watch TV on

Or he just full on climbs the stand 

I can't wait til he actually starts saying real words, however misjumbled they may sound. A lot of people ask me if watching him makes me want my own child, and my answer is always the same- no. At least, not right now. I love Little Dino, but he's a handful. It's nice getting to spend half my day with him and then going home to J where there is peace and quiet. And adult rated things ;) 

I will leave you with my favorite picture of him

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