New Name, Same Me

Hello pretty ladies!

 You may have noticed the name change of my blog and url to match. 
When I first started blogging, I didn't really know what I was getting into. I just randomly thought up a name, picked a basic layout so it wasn't boring, and started typing. I had no idea what to expect or what I would get out of it. It was basically a way for me to vent and collect my thoughts, sort of like an online diary. 
You can read my first post here.

After exploring other blogs and realizing what the community was all about, I knew I had to upgrade my shit. I was amongst top bloggers who had legit layouts and knew what they were doing. I didn't even know what link-ups were, what a button was or how to create one, and I had no idea what the point of sponsoring was. After blogging for awhile now, I knew it was time to do a little revamping and this was the perfect moment to do so.

You'll start to see the blog become completely redone. First step was the name. Next shall be the layout and for me to have a button. Once that happens, I can finally start branching out and promoting myself. Speaking of that, I would love to start ad swapping with you lovely ladies, and any ladies who would want to. It would be a great way for everyone to have a little exposure.

So thank you for the support and the love you have shown me these past couple of weeks on my journey of figuring everything out. Hopefully I can grow from here on out :)

Much love

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  1. Great first step!! If you need any help/advise along the way, let me know ~ I would love to help!


I absolutely love hearing from you lovelies! It makes my heart flutter knowing I am loved so expect a reply!