On Wednesdays We Confess

Well that, and we also share our guilty sins of the week. AKA confessions time! 
Catalyn is part of a giveaway this week so she didn't actually host one for today, but I thought it would still be fun to post my own confessions.

I confess... In order for me to be on time for work, I have to pick out my outfit and meals the night before. It's kind of childlike but hey, it works. I am NOT a morning person.

I confess... This past Sunday Social topic was Pinterest and I clicked every. single. link. and basically judged them on their fav outfit pin. I was just seeing if we think alike! [No one did btw. Although someone had a Disney inspired outfit that made me smile]

I confess... I've started to jot down my confessions throughout the week so I'm not thinking of a bunch before I post

I confess... I was waaaaay too excited when my washer and dryer finally came. I hadn't done laundry in 2 weeks! It was getting pretty stinky messy in our room

I confess...I love my car, and it's only 7 months old, but driving has become really annoying. Manuals are more work than I thought and I kind of want to get rid of it. All that shifting just to come to a stop!

I confess... I had most of Spring Break off and actually missed Little Dino a lot more than I thought I would. Baby-making time? Ha, yeah right! Like J would ever agree to that..

I confess... I'm going back to school tonight after a 4 month hiatus and I am not excited about it. Can I just drop out?

I confess... I'm kinda looking forward to Monday when J leaves to the field for 2 weeks. I honestly get
a lot done when he's not around. Sorry babe, but you hold me back!

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  1. Hey, if picking your outfits and packing you lunch the night before is childish, then I am a toddler! I do that every night before work. Also, I got rid of my stick shift about a year ago and I miss it so freaking much!! Driving will be boring to you when you get rid of it. I promise.

  2. I pick out my outfits and meals the night before too. My brain does NOT function in the morning. :-)


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