Quill Covered Cuteness

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Yesterday finally happened! I became the proud mama to thee most adorable fur baby EVER!!! And he is not the typical cat/dog/bird baby you would expect one to get either. He is the unique love of my life <3

It was extremely difficult to convince J to let me have any sort of pet because for some reason they are just horrible to him. After several trial and errors with a puppy, I finally just gave up and stopped trying. Until I came upon exotic pets which got my mind thinking- it wouldn't be boring and it would be in a cage. So hopefully it wouldn't bother J. He agreed and I was ecstatic! But then came the searching. Where would I find one? It took forever, lemme tell ya. It was quite exhausting hunting down breeders. Then came the waiting. I am NOT good with waiting. I can be one of the most impatient people on the planet and I don't keep it to myself. Not the loveliest of traits, but who can really be that patient? 

Well yesterday it was the day that I had been looking forward to for weeks. It was time to go and get my little baby! I had to drive four hours ONE WAY to go and get him! That is a story in itself for another time. But I could not have been more excited in my life for something! It was up there with the excitement of J coming home from a deployment. Not exactly the same thing obviously- but I have never had a pet in my life so I was fuh-reaking out! If you don't agree he is the cutest most sweetest thing you have ever seen- we can no longer be friends. 

Meet my sweet Baby Milo

Sweetest baby hedgehog ever <3

Don't ya just wanna eat him up?! He is so adorbs, only 6 weeks old. He is quilling the poor thing [it's where their baby quills fall out and their adult ones grow in. Kinda like people and baby teeth]. He was a little nervous at first since it was the first time he was meeting his new mama, but he took to me right away. And he got a nice long car ride home. J was already at the house waiting [he ended up coming home Wednesday instead of Thursday! :)] and I'm pretty sure he was more excited than I was haha

The breeder told me to make sure he stayed in his new home untouched for a couple of hours to get used to his new surroundings, and that made J seriously impatient. Which made me feel better since it made me the calm one for once. The little guy was scared when he entered the house and all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball [their defense mechanism]


I quickly put him in his nesting area so he could hide in his igloo, but all he wanted to do was explore. Of coarse I found this entertaining. I don't know if he was being curious, or if he wanted to escape. But then he found his toys and it was cute watching him interact. I loved when I was on the couch and I could hear the little bells, since it meant he was playing. I had to put him in a storage bin for now since he's still so small. My Halloween decorations can wait for now.

After about 4 hours I tried putting my hand next to him to gain his trust. This took patience. Seriously. He just wanted to lick my fingers a whole bunch. He eventually climbed up though. 

He loved J. They were so calm together <3

I tried taking a picture to send to my mother but he wouldn't stop being a little wiggler! 

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I am a horrible blogger who does not know how to do many things, including inserting that little grooveshark thingamabobber, so I will insert Youtube instead.

"I'm so excited"- by The Pointer Sisters

This is how I felt the entire journey to get Milo.
I was so excited.
And I didn't hide it.

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