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J is now gone to the field for 2 weeks of pre-deployment training. Don't worry, he won't actually deploy until January. But after these past few weeks, and what I woke up to Monday morning, I'm kind of glad he isn't here. I love him dearly, but he can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Once you're married and spend every waking moment together, you need a break every now and then. And this one had perfect timing cause I was about to ring his neck! It's like the saying 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder'. Basically, I can't miss you if you don't leave.

It may sound quite harsh- but you don't live with the boy. He is the WORST at picking up after himself. I'm crazy OCD about things and unfortunately for me he is the exact opposite. I have to have everything organized a certain way and he is just a complete mess. And boy does he make my pet peeves go berserk! If he makes a bowl of cereal- the cabinet door will be wide open, the cereal box will be open and sitting on the counter, and the bowl and spoon will be on the couch. It's enough to make you go mad! You'd think since he's in the military he would have picked up all those skills they make you learn to be efficient and tidy. Nope. He's a lazy ass who expects me to do everything.

He had to be on post by 3 in the am Monday morning, so he just stayed up instead of possibly waking up late. When I woke up I had a mini meltdown. Not only was the house a disaster, but he took my car. On Saturday I had taken it to the dealership to get looked at, just put gas in it, and had it taken to the carwash. I also scrubbed the hell out of it due to the fact that J is a major slob and doesn't treat the cars very nicely. Only for him to take it and leave me the Subi with no gas, full of trash and random shit, and completely filthy. That friggin punk.

1. Tool box left out and wide open
2. Tools all over the place, a random shoe, and crap on the window sill
[he also didn't put up the dining room curtain rod! grr]
3. Empty beer cans and the Wii and Xbox he was supposed to hook up
4. Empty energy drinks ALL OVER the kitchen counter
5. Scattered military gear

Lucky me to have such a husband, right?
I'm going to utilize this time wisely and get this house in order!
Less to cook, less to clean, and the house to myself. Like a mini vacation at home.
If you're married, you might know what I'm talking about. If you don't, well then
 my marriage is just special haha
I still love that kid.
He just drives me banana sandwich sometimes.

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