Weekend Haps

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What's the haps everyone? My weekend went okay, once the creepertons left! At least they don't work Saturday and Sunday! Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans :)

Came home to a bunch of creepy dudes who were working on building a house on the lot next to us. They could see into my windows! They were that close to me. Icky. So last night I made J put up all the curtains. It took a little nagging but eventually he did it. Then I ended up not liking them. They just look like someone threw plain sheets on the rod and called it a day. So I shall now make it my new mission to find pretty curtains.

Later we had to borrow Bossman's truck so we could go pick up our new mattress. I was driving it to the house when I noticed homeboy is getting 12 miles to the gallon. My goodness, why does he drive that thing? It's lifted, busted up, and super obnoxious sounding due to the roaring of the engine. It also does this thing where if you hit about 40-50 mph it starts to shake uncontrollably. It didn't do this when I drove it, but whenever J drives it that thing goes nuts. It's funny, because whenever it does this J yells something like "Kelly, knock off your shit" or "I swear to god Kelly I will slap the shit out of you" and it oddly works every time. If you're confused, it's from an episode of South Park. It's basically the way he says 'Kelly' and 'baby'. Too funny.

It was nice enough weather to wear a cute tank, so I jumped at the chance to wear my new purple blouse.

Isn't it so pretty? I think Gretchen would agree that it is so fetch. We had to take the Scion to the dealership for its 5,000 mile checkup and it is A-okay! Which is good cause the little bastard had random lights show up on Thursday only to disappear the next day. Then more house shopping and packing to prepare J for his next 2 weeks of training. 

The day for sleeping in until 11. Aww yeh. Also the day for doing all the chores you neglected to do all week long. Don't pretend you don't do this too! After putting up all the curtains, doing tons of laundry, and loading the car full of J's military gear, we went for a quick bite. Little did I know I would be completely under dressed. J said we were just going to get something so I didn't have to cook. I'm pretty sure when you tell that to a woman we would all think 'okay, I'll just put some pants on since we're probably going to McDonald's or something'. We ended up at The Tilted Kilt, and Irish pub/eatery. I was shocked since he hates going to restaurants. He said he didn't mind spending money since the next 2 weeks will be pretty shitty. So yay for fruity drinks! I can't remember what he had, since he had about 4 different drinks, but I stuck with a Purple Haze.

Hope everybody had a nice weekend!

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  1. Heeyyyy we have a Tilted Kilt in the town where I work! I haven't been there before, but now I might have to check it out. Glad you had a nice weekend and sorry about the creepy people outside :(


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