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Oh the joys of waking up and realizing it's Monday -___- and soon after that realizing this Monday happens to be April Fools Day. Great. Nobody better pull no damn shenanigans on me this year. I'm not a poor sport, but after the crazy chaotic weekend I've had I am so not in the mood. Heavy lifting, cleaning, cooking, and drinking just don't mix. So what do you do when you wake up feeling like shit and have realized all of this? You drink some more. Hell, have a cupcake while you're at it. I am. They go good together while blogging.

The weekend was fun and full of life! I'm still not used to blogging so much so you can consider me a "lame blogger" but I didn't get too many pictures. It's hard capturing the moment while you're living it! But I did manage to slap on a shit ton of Easter stickers on the ones I did take....I may have gone overboard with them, whatevs.

Friday the hubbs and I went to Lowe's, Target, Wal Mart, Best Buy- you name it we went there. We're trying to get this damn house in order! It seems like no matter how much we do it looks exactly the same. Drivin me banana sandwich. In fact I should be doing stuff now but instead I think I'll continue blogging on my nice comfy bed.

Saturday was a friend's birthday party in his apartment's pool house. When all the Army guys get together it leads to nothing but trouble. And this particular one is like the ring leader with all the parties he throws. Last year almost to the day he threw a housewarming party- ended up way too drunk way too fast, locked all of us out on the back deck, and threw up all over his downstairs bathroom. So I was hesitant, oh was I hesitant. J got a call from him right before we were heading out asking us to bring our beer pong table. Yeah, I knew it was gonna be a loooong night. And I still had shit to do for the next morning.

The spread of the pool house, all the booze and snacks, and J's infamous beer pong table.

The night started off okay. Alex [bday boy] ordered over $100 worth of pizza and wings and J and I played pool. He started to lose interest once he realized I was really good at it. He then flocked to the 'alcohol station" as soon as more buddies started to arrive.

And then of coarse after everyone was there he soon ditched me for drinking games. The girls ended up on the couches by the tv watching as our husbands got hammered and made fools of themselves. Mine was the worst since he was the one teaching them all the games. He's a sneaky sneak cause he can hold his alcohol really well. Like, extremely well. If you want to get him drunk it'll cost you a pretty penny. 

And so the explaining begins...

Apparently you win by finishing your beer first. The player tries to hit one of the beer cans and if he makes it that person [my husband in this case] has to drink until the person who threw it retrieves the ball and slams it on the table. The ladies and I were quite entertained watching them flip over couches and crawl under tables to get that tiny ball.

And then they went to regular beer pong

J of coarse owned them all, as he usually does. I don't know why they continue to challenge him, knowing full well they get smashed. Maybe they just like the excuse of having to drink so much beer in so little time. Men.

Then came Sunday. I did not know Easter was on Sunday until last Monday. J continues to make fun of me for this but I honestly didn't know Easter revolved around some damn moon. I just thought it was always in April, I never really paid attention. So our friends who recently had a baby came over. Kayla and I met through our husbands since they both deployed in 2011 together. We were those couples who were always together, until they found out they were pregnant. I'm not against kids, but it's just hard to do things with couples after one of them has a baby. You start to not see them so much [obviously] and you don't really have much in common anymore. But we try to stay in contact as much as possible.

We made cupcakes. Don't know why we laughed so much :)

Yay us :) They were yummy....I'm eating one right now.....

That baby was too adorable, only 3 weeks old. Look at J- not even interested

Putting my kitchen to use

A little someone was just chillin on the floor while we ate :)

Got to bust out my good dishes and glasses.
 They may not look fancy but we are a plastic household and these are never used

Pretty nice spread if I do say so myself. I had to make chicken since J won't eat ham. 
That boy is so damn picky

Wasn't much but it was a nice day filled with yummy food, good friends, and booze. Solid win in my book. And if your first thought was 'really, another day in a bun?'- yes! I was actually going to do my hair but they showed up early right when I got out of the shower! And hers was in a bun too so ha! Anyway, I told you I went crazy with the Easter stickers haha. And if you noticed on both days there were no pictures of J and I as a couple- he is a punk. He will never willingly take a picture. The only way to get him in one is basically to have him not know you're taking one, otherwise he'll do something to mess it up. Drives me so crazy! It takes me a good 10-20 minutes to get him to take one and I was not about to ruin Easter just to get it. It is that bad. He was also on his laptop the ENTIRE day. I swear if the activity doesn't involve drinking he becomes antisocial. Even with his own friends. Guys are weird, at least mine is. I digress.

Hope everybody had a nice weekend and a happy Easter!

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