When I Grow Up...

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When I heard that Whitney and Erin were doing a one time link-up and was about your ideal life when you "grew up", I knew I had to take part.
What person doesn't like talking about their imaginary lifestyle of perfectness?
That's basically the whole reason we have Pinterest!
[FYI- I'll never grow up! No matter how hard J makes me!]

So let's get to it!

-I would actually go to college as soon as I graduate high school

-I would not waste time or be a lazy ass and have a gorgeous bod

-Have my dream wedding with my gorgeous mancandy

-Travel the world with said mancandy

-Live in a bitchin house that never gets dirty
[cause someone else will clean for me!]

-Be completely lovely 24/7

-Go to Disneyworld whenever the hell I want!

-Drive my dream car

-Lounge in my secret garden

-Keep my clothes in a massive closet

-Pop out some adorably photogenic babies

-Who grow into kick-ass kids

And still be my awesome self!
Wish I could get a do-over and actually go through with some of that shit.
Oh well. It's nice to dream :)

What would you like to do/have when you grow up?

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1 comment

I absolutely love hearing from you lovelies! It makes my heart flutter knowing I am loved so expect a reply!