A Stressful Mess

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It's Fridayyyy!!!

Aww yeh. I have been looking forward to it all week long since it has gone by in a flash. Why can't every week be that way? Well it would have been perfect had we not gotten the news on Tuesday night that rocked our world.

J was told he will be going to the board on Monday. Holy shitballs.

For those of you who don't understand the magnitude of this because you don't speak military [I wish I didn't] the board is where you get promoted. It is serious shit. And for the Army it's one big dog and pony show.

Unlike the Air Force or basically any sane system setup, you do not just take a test based on your job or anything like that to see if you are qualified to move up. For Army soldiers, you must put on your dress blues and appear in front of sergeant majors [all the really big scary people] and answer various questions about the entire Army system. It doesn't matter if it doesn't pertain to you, you must know the history and everything and anything about the branch. You must stand still, speak a certain way, and your attire must be perfect. If one little thing is 1/4 of an inch off, if something is crooked, if you're boots aren't spotless- your ass will get kicked out before you even have the chance to speak.

Oh and guess what. Usually soldiers have weeks to months to prepare for this. J has five days. FIVE DAYS! And cue the panic attacks. You should see the study guide. I feel so bad for him. It's so stressful I was getting overwhelmed by it. J came home last night and made me do flashcards to help him. He said he won't play WOW until next week. E-gasp. He made me put away my cupcake and my vodka. Shit just got serious.

While I was doing the endless amount of flashcards that legit took about 5 hours to complete [and I still haven't even made a dent in the study guide] I just felt worse and worse knowing there is nothing more I can do to help while he was typing away what he has to memorize and say before anything starts. It's really long too. We practiced it all night until he got it down.

Yeah, he has to say all that word for word. The poor guy. I've never seen him freak out in the 7 years we've been together. He was losing his shit. At one point I had to force him to take a break. He was causing so much tension I had to give him a massage to release his stress. And don't you start gettin dirty on meh! Nothing like that, I just had to rub the shit out of his back and entire left side that got tore up from the obstacle course they had to do Wednesday morning. You naughty things, you. I like that.

Not to mention the most important paper I have come across since starting college is due next week. It's the biggest one I've written so far and J doesn't want me doing anything else but help him. My turn to freak out. 

So needless to say we will not be partaking in any shenanigans this weekend. We'll probably only leave the house to get a lawn mower cause our front yard has gotten gnarly. 

I'm gonna need a stiff drink and I can't even friggin have one!

But I will partake in shaking my ass for the time being 
thanks to Miss Whitney

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1 comment

  1. I know nothing about the military but that sounds intense! Thinking of you both and hope he does well and you rock your paper!


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