Bare Faced

Day 17- A favorite photo of yourself and why

I know its technically two pictures, but I will explain: this photo was actually really hard for me to share. I contemplated posting it for the past two days and decided to go for it. Rather than post some random photo where I am doing something silly, stupid, or just plain wrong, I chose this one. I was going through all the pictures on my laptop [which isn't much since my stolen laptop had everything on it] after reading the day's topic and stumbled upon a folder I don't remember uploading.

There were a bunch of pictures I had taken in the summer of 2011 when J was home for his R&R. He had left to visit some friends and I opted to stay behind to let him have guy time. I randomly started fiddling with my camera and these are some of the results.

Right off the bat I noticed that I was in lounge wear with absolutely no makeup on. Not one thing. And as proof you can see my acne scars on my chin, forehead, and both my cheeks. I've struggled with acne a very, very long time. But what's worse are all the markings they leave behind. Because of this I have grown increasingly self conscious of my face and refuse to go anywhere without makeup on. For me that means foundation and powder, not necessarily full blown makeup[because I'm not girly enough to do anything else].

When I first found these pictures I wondered why in the hell I even took them to begin with. Was I really that bored? Did I honestly think I looked good? But after looking at them for a couple of minutes, I realized I did look good. Not great, but actually kinda pretty bare faced. I started to smile because coming from me that's a really big deal. I'm my worst critic. I have always been hard on myself about my face, jealous of those with flawless skin who don't even need to purchase makeup. Lucky bitches. 

It came at a perfect time because for the past two weeks I have opted to stop using any makeup at all. I don't know if it's my new face wash or the spontaneous spottings from Mother Nature, but my face is horribly broken out right now. J told me to boycott everything and see what happens. He ridiculously thinks I look better without makeup anyway. Yeah, I'm so sure. But for once I thought about it. Little Dino doesn't care what I look like, I'm in a house all day, and my face could use a break.

I am so proud of myself.

I've even gone to the post office, Wal Mart, school- all without makeup! At first I was sooooo hesitant, but now it's kind of liberating. Plus I have more free time in the mornings. Score.

Hopefully I can find a solution to my skin. Yes, I have tried everything, even Proactiv. Trust me when I say I'm desperate and will take any advice anyone has to offer. I'm comfortable right now, but I don't want to be this way forever. Why am I breaking out more as an adult than a teenager? Somebody must have an answer.

And for Whitney's Backthatazzup Friday- Drumroll please.....

Katy Perry,
Cause she's mah bitch

Cause it's Friday, duh

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  1. Good for you! I can totally relate - I'm super critical of myself and I never go anywhere without at least powder on my face so I applaud you. Have a great weekend!

  2. you look really cute! forget make up, its probably making things worse. i dont really have any advice other than i think the sun helps clear my skin. :)

  3. You look cute. I can totally relate; I have done everything from accutane to proactiv to over the counter to home remedies. No solution here.

    The funny thing is... I never wear makeup. I used to never leave the house without it. But... one time I left in a rush and didn't think about it all day. It felt free. I mean, I'll wear makeup for a nice night, but I am terrible at applying it, so it is still pretty minimal. I feel like my features show up better and "fresher" without makeup on.

    I think you look great in those pics. Isn't it funny how at the time we tend to think we don't look great and years later we realize we actually did and should've enjoyed it? :)

  4. You're gorgeous in those pictures!

    I have struggled with acne too, and still do from time to time. I tried proactive as well and it worked okay for me but wasn't great and it aggravated my skin a bit. I finally broke down and bought a Clarisonic brush (I waited until I had a 20% off coupon from Ulta)after hearing great things for so long about it. It was an expensive purchase but oh so totally worth it!! I use it morning and night with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple cleanser.

    I've heard that Cetaphil is a great cleanser too.

    If you find any other awesome skin care ideas please share them with us! :)


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