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Day 15 was to be about a day in your life. I kinda already exposed that on Day 9 so I decided to write about something else.

Every year since I was about 12 I made my mother epic presents for Mother's Day and her birthday. I saved up every penny to get her a ring in 8th grade. I've made her giant cards, a poster with pictures of her and me since I was a baby, drawings of her favorite things, and other shit that's been bulking up her apartment.

you can credit the crappy photo to my mother btw

 Ten years down the road I've found I can no longer top myself and was wondering what the hell to do this year. Low on funds and on the other side of the country, I turned to Pinterest to help me. Thank god for that site, it has saved my life in more ways than one. Is that sad to say? Eh, I doubt it. I assume most people feel this way.

I chose to make my mother and MIL a customized sharpie mug. And fyi- it's a lot harder to draw on something other than paper. So don't get too elaborate- trust. I altered the directions a little to ensure that the designs would last. I should note that neither of my mothers live in this century, so I used regular sharpies since they don't use dishwashers. To make one that is dishwasher safe, use oil based sharpie markers instead of the regular ones which are water based [that's why they wash right off]

Step One
Pick your design and draw on your mug
[It's ok if you mess up. I wiped mine plenty of times]

My MIL's mug
Says "Bloom Where you are Planted"
Designed after this picture

You're never satisfied with your first one. I thought it looked too crowded and like a 4th grader had drawn it

My mother's mug
"The Steps of Faith Fall on Seeming Air
but find the Rock Beneath"
I also included the constellation of her zodiac sign, Sagittarius, along with it's symbol

Step Two
Place mugs on baking sheet and put in oven
Set oven to 350 after the mugs are inside, so they get gradually hot along with it
Bake for 30 minutes

Step Three
Keep the mugs inside the oven while it cools down
[about 15 minutes]

That's it! You now have a custom desgined cup for yourself or others. Cheap, fun, and meaningful.
Awesome, right?

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1 comment

  1. I love the sharpie mug Idea! I heard different kind of markers from hobby lobby work better.

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