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Day 29- 5 songs that speak to you or bring back memories

Yeah I'm not gonna lie- I really don't want to do all 5. Lazy? Sort of. Coming up blank? You betcha. When I actually have to think of things, and on the spot no less, I can never come up with anything. So lame. BUT! One totally sticks out and makes me kind of sad that I can't have those days back.

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

I was 15 when this song came out [sophmore year] and honestly I friggin hated it. It annoyed the ever living shit out of me and everyone was singing it all. the. time. For my best friend's birthday in October we went to Disneyland and she made it her mission to make the entire day about getting me to like that song.

I distinctly remember exactly what we wore and what other people wore. Why? Because it was Gay Day and everyone was wearing red. And since it was a school day [score] the park was not completely packed like it always is. We were running around like we just escaped prison. We made that park our bitch.

By about 10 that song was starting to grow on me. We reached the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and there was no one in line so we decided to go up and down every single chain rope instead of cutting right through. Those little wall areas when you start to get to the entrance and they kind of curve, well, that was now apparently my stage. I knew I officially liked the song when I spread my arms along the wall seductively singing along with Drue making asses out of ourselves. We sang it that entire day and even managed to piss off her mother on the way home by singing it way too much.

Later that month was our Homecoming dance and for once all of our friends attended. We were complete dorks and odd balls so we weren't the kind of teens to attend dances and what not. About 20 of us of all grades were grinding and gettin down black girl style in the gym when Sexy Back came on. As if on cue we all looked at each other and got excited. We knew we had to sing it. And sing it we did. Great night. Tons of pictures I'll never see again from a dance I don't fully remember for reasons unknown *cough, cough* because we were minors.

Fuck I miss high school.
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