Not a Happy Camper

Day 22- Rant about something.

I honestly didn't think I would have anything to write about for this topic. I looked ahead a couple of days ago and was like nah, I don't have too much to complain about right now. Plus I've already been serious too many times this month. But as luck would have it life came in and said "oh you're having a good day? let's change that."

My weekend sucked. It was filled with 2 good days followed by 2 shitty days and I should have seen it coming. Because this would happen to us. At this point in time.

I'll start with Saturday first- my hair is growing out making it kind of icky. You know that point where your layers are no longer there, you need a trim and your bangs are getting wicked long? I passed that point like a month ago. I hopped on the straight bangs thing for awhile but my hairline really pisses me off so once they started getting past my eyes I knew I had to go back to side swept bangs. Now hairstylists know the difference between styles and shit- it's their fucking job to know that. Sooooo you'd think it would've been a fast and easy trip to the salon. Nope.

J and I went to the mall for several reasons so while he was looking at new running shoes I was gonna get my hair fixed right quick. I wasn't too worried about my layers since my hair is long anyway, just my friggin bangs that keep getting in the way. I told her I wanted that edgy choppy type bang where it's not stiff and falls down your face right into your hair. She says no prob-lamo. Cool. Then she proceeds to grab my bangs without taking out my hair [which was in a ponytail]. I knew this was a bad start.

So I took my hair out myself and waited for her to get her shit together. She didn't. She chopped off most of my bangs in one fell swoop. Uhhhhhhh excuse me bitch- what do you think you are doing? I wanted them fixed not super short. She gave me pixie bangs. I did not ask for those otherwise I would have said I want pixie bangs. The damage was done. Great. And she didn't fix them at all. I wanted my bangs to flow into the rest of my hair [how they should be] but instead I have this short piece-y nonsense that doesn't belong on my head. Seriously- it looks like I have 2 different hairstyles going on. She did not get tipped.

The weekend had progressively been getting hotter and hotter. By Sunday it was full blown devil's-asshole- hot so we turned on the air. By the afternoon we were starting to sweat. Nothing was happening. We checked the thermostat and it said it was 88 friggin degrees in the house! What the fuck, dude. We tried everything and finally called the company.

Apparently we were all out of coolant [which makes the air cold] because we had a leak. It took them 3 hours to tell us they couldn't find it. Awesome. Another day of heat. They come back Monday, find it [thank god] and fix it. They say in a couple of hours the temperature should drop significantly in the house and if anything happens to call them. Cool.

It drops to 79 and we think we're in the clear. I wake up only to have the house hotter than it is outside, and it was raining! So I turn the air on for J when he comes home for lunch. My day goes on, I go to the gym and get awesomely sweaty and looking forward to a nice cold house. I pull up and see the a/c van in front of the house. Uhhh why are you here.

All the coolant is already gone. God. Damnit. J is on the couch looking completely miserable and slightly pissed off. I proceed to make dinner while they try and fix it only to watch several more random men start to enter my house. Thanks for knocking, bro. They come downstairs with the I-have-bad-news face. Good news- they found the cause of the problem. Bad news- some asshole was really careless and stupid while building the house and busted a pipe in the bathroom. Worse news- they have to tear apart the bathroom and possibly pull the tub out to fix it.

This house experience could not get any worse. After everything we've been through I am so over this damn house and we haven't even lived in it for 2 months. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong since building began and I will never go through this shit again. Someone is going to pay for this and when we find that someone out they are getting sued hard core. Bastards.

End rant.
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  1. Wow that is a really shitty weekend. I would be finding the company that did the building and letting them know how I really felt.

  2. Aww, the house stuff sounds terrible! Here in OK when you buy a new house everything that went into it is under warranty so when our AC broke we didn't have to pay a dime. You might check with the builder and see if anything is covered by warranty. We had to go through our builder to get it paid for but it was worth an extra phone call to not have to pay for it.


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