Soldiers I'm Thankful For

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This Memorial Day some people are drinking by the pool.
Some are at bbq's hanging out with friends.
Some are at the beach, the lake, the mountains.
Others are in Afghanistan.
Fighting for your right to do those things.

Most people forget why we have this day.
To honor those past and present who serve this great nation
and fight for our freedom.

This year I'm one of the lucky ones, for my soldier is home with me.
Others are not so lucky.
And for those men and women who are overseas, and for the men and women here waiting for them,
I hope you come home safely to us.

J when he graduated Basic Training 3 years ago

//My husband serving in the Army
//My best friend serving in the Navy
//J's best friend serving in the Air Force
//Countless military friends in all branches
//My grandpa who served in the Navy
//The thousands of soldiers I will never meet

Thank you for your service.

Happy Memorial Day.

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