Still Love Me?

Day 24- Your top 3 worst traits

Oh em gee you mean bloggers don't have perfect lives and personalities? Madness!

I love reading about real people. People who are funny, weird, dorky, crazy, because I'm like that. I bet if you met a bunch of your favorites bloggers IRL they'd be a tad more eccentric than you perceive them, but that's totally awesome!

I have some pretty rad qualities if I do say so myself [otherwise I wouldn't have any friends] but there's also that side of me that kinda sucks. Not majorly, but they're still there.

Yeahhhhhh this one is the main thing about me people have to get used to. I like to use the excuse I'm a Leo and it comes with the territory. J calls bullshit on that. I'm a natural leader so I like to take charge and do everything my way, cause my ideas are the best duh. I don't do compromise very well and I usually stop at nothing to get what I want. I will have a dog, damnit!

I need everything to happen right. just. now. When I say take out the trash- that means within the next 5 minutes. Waiting for J to get off his damn computer while I'm sitting there ready to go out wherever we had planned drives me absolutely banana sandwich. This is also why I give up on the gym several times when I don't see results fast enough. 

I suffer from serious anxiety and panic attacks[I take meds for it, don't worry] and I always jump to the worst scenario possible. Yes, I do sometimes get butthurt easily which in turn drives J crazy. Just don't say the wrong thing and we're cool! It's usually only him that does this.

I will leave you with 2 things:

This picture of my friend's adorable 5 week old Pitbull...

And a reason to shake your ass this weekend!

Cause this bitch still rocks my world

Happy Friday!

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  1. I am stubborn, impatient and dramatic too!! SO MUCH!!! But I always say that it's better that I know it so I can KIND of control it rather than be irrational and not realize it. I'm not sure if my boyfriend feels that it's better, I just keep telling myself that hahaa! ;)Have a great Memorial Weekend!!

  2. I am definatly impatient. So so much.I like things to be done know. I think my worst trait is not being able to delegate. As in I like to have control, and like to check what other people are doing if it affects me. Good post topic :)


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