Sunday Social [In Years]

Hola mi amigos!
Don't really know why I felt it necessary to greet you in Spanish.
Anywho, just wanted to give a little shout out to my mama! I was going to write a post about her,
but realized she cannot be summed up in mere paragraphs.
So I'd rather show you some pictures.
There aren't many since I only see her once a year :/
That is what's making Mother's Day hard lately.
But my lovely mama is making other mamas' Mother's Day special by delivering them pretty flowers.
Love you Mommy

And now for Sunday Social with Neely! This week's questions are all about past and future years....

1. 1 year ago I was doing.... J had just gotten back from Afghanistan and we moved to Tennessee. I had no friends, no family, and no job. Needless to say I was pretty miserable.

2. 5 years ago I was doing.... Fresh out of high school and just turned 18 woot woot! I was partying it up with the crazy friends of mine living life day by day until college started.

3. 10 years ago I was doing.... Yeah I was 13 so I was being a weirdo. Not really, but it was that awkward phase of still transforming into who you'd be and I was super nervous about high school and all that shit. Looking back now I wish I could tell myself a few things, but then again who doesn't.

4. 1 year from now I'll be doing.... Shit on my own since J will be deploying again. Hopefully I'll have a dog or roommate or something to keep me company in this big ass house!

5. 5 years from now I'll be doing.... I better have had my damn wedding or I might strangle someone! Fingers crossed we'll be back in Cali and I'll probably have popped out at least one chitlin by then.

6. 10 years from now I'll be doing.... Uhh, raising a family? Too far ahead to think about! 

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  1. Just found your blog!
    Now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up :)


  2. It is always hard being away from family, I feel you there! I am lucky because I usually see my mom twice a year (she usually visits once and I visit home once)but it still doesn't make it any easier to be away. The pictures of you and your mom are adorable!


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