That One Time when I Was Caught with my Pants Down

Day 10- Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill.

Seriously? You're asking ME for these moments? The queen of awkwardness?

Well you're in for a surprise Jack, because I don't really get embarrassed. I know you're probably thinking that is complete bullshit, but I'm totally serious. So cereal guys. I don't get embarrassed very often because I have the ability to laugh at myself. Not even kidding, I'm usually the first one to laugh about whatever dumb thing I just did.

I'm a dork. I'm a spaz. I'm a clutz. 

The list goes on. I trip over air [all the friggin time] and will somehow manage to ram my shoulder/arm into the wall. My laptop cord gets me every day, and I have several bruises to prove it. I slip up while speaking [J says I don't think before I speak] and I spill stuff on the regular. I'm one hot mess people.

But I embrace it.

I don't hold back and I hold myself accountable for my actions. It's a pretty awesome feeling. The only thing I can think of where I was truly mortified happened when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Yeah, that long ago. We were at my grandparents house for a reason I can't remember at this point, and the kids across the street were playing in the yard. I knew one of the girls because she was in my grade so my sisters and I went to hang out/play.

The oldest child was my aunt's age [8 years older than me] so they started talking. He had friends over so they were chillin in the driveway while us kids were in the yard. My aunt got it in her head that she should swing everyone around in circles by their arms like we're friggin monkeys or some shit. The little kids were ecstatic. I was not. I was not about to be swung like a baby and look a damn fool in front of all these 18 year old guys in the driveway.

And then the nightmare began. My aunt began to chase Alyssa and I around the yard to get us to participate. Uhh, no sir. I was not havin that shit. I tried to run back to my grandparent's house, but she grabbed my arm just before I hit the curb. Damnit. She then started to twirl my ass in circles. And to my dismay, everyone proceeded to laugh hysterically. Awesome.

Well this wasn't entirely embarrassing, the next moment rocked my world. Since we lived 2 blocks behind my grandparents, I didn't really care about my appearance. I was in like 6th grade or some shit, so seeing them didn't really make me feel like I needed to look my best. So I wore a tank top and my sweats. Yep, my sweats. I think we all know what happens next.

Since I'm being twirled around and around in circles at a pretty fast pace, gravity snaps into what's happening and decides "hey, wouldn't it be super awesome if I just took Megalin's pants off". And I was like no, gravity! DON'T YOU DARE! I felt them slowly slip, and then in an instant they were at my ankles. Shit.

She immediately let go, and everything went silent. I don't know if that's better or worse than them laughing, but regardless I was frozen solid. I quickly pulled my pants up and booked it. Never looked back.

Worst day of my pre-pubescent life ever.

In keeping with the theme for Whitney's backthatazzup Friday, I give to you a song I'm embarrassed to like. We all have guilty pleasures people, and mine is Miley Cyrus' "Who Owns My Heart"
I like one song of hers, damnit! ONE!

So what is your most embarrassing moment? Can you top mine?

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  1. Bahaha I'm so embarrassed for your 10 year old self. But at least it didn't happen when you were in high school or something.

  2. Wow, for someone who doesn't get embarrassed easily, that was something. Poor you, and damn gravity for being so cruel, haha.


  3. Oh, no! I agree with Amy, though, at least it was when you were 10 and not when you were in high school. :)

  4. hahahaha ohhh my god. that is terrible but agreed, at least you were younger!
    Helene in Between

  5. Great story! When I was in 9th grade and Birkenstocks were cool and slipped and went headfirst like literally front somersault style down a small flight of stairs. I looked up behind me once it was over and there was a mortified looking guy who I had never seen before in my life and never saw again after that (big high school) looking at me with grave concern! My response "I'm fine, I'm fine". Although it did hurt like hell!

  6. HAHAHA this story is priceless! Thanks for the laugh. I have too many embarrassing moments to count but I once wet the bed at my grandparents house when I was like 13 or something when I was way too old for that shit. OOPS. I had to go!


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