Weekend Relaxation


I got so used to the weekend being awesome I almost thought it was a forever thing. Silly me. I am super-omega- fucking tired and literally had to force myself to get out of bed this morning. Ever have that mini- panic attack when you wake up and you know you're late? Yeah, not cool when you're already a zombie and your neck is as stiff as a board. I'm suppose to get up at 7 and when I looked at my phone is was 7:12. In morning time that means you're fucked. Because somehow those trivial little 12 minutes become extremely crucial when trying to get ready for work and making your way through morning traffic. Sigh.

Now for the moment in remembering lazy days and wishing they didn't end. Double sigh.

There was no way in hell I was going to the gym that day. I had a half day and J had the entire day off and I was not about to waste it running [or trying] on a treadmill. We headed over to our friend's house for chill time and drinking [aka guys play xbox and girls chit-chat] but I got so completely wrapped up in Kayla's new puppy I only managed to get pictures of her. She is so freaking adorable and did not stop following me around! She's only 5 weeks old so she's sooooo tiny! This only makes me want a dog more! Seriously- I legit had to stop myself from stealing her and taking her home with me.

J woke me up at the ass crack of dawn- well 10 but on a Saturday it might as well be 6- to take me to the local cupcake shop since he knows they are my kryptonite. Love him. Oh it didn't stop there. He then took me to my fav Mexican fast food place [which we never go to because he's cheap] and Walgreens to get me tons of goodies. For a second I almost thought he did something wrong and was trying to butter me up before telling me. Is that bad that's where my mind goes straight to when I'm getting pampered? Trust me- I've been through a lot with that boy and it honestly wouldn't surprise me.

We got all lovey-dovey and stuff the whole afternoon and I loved it. Later we got ready for a shin-dig with one of his Lieutenants and I was not prepared for what was about to happen. I got all cute though.

I was actually having a pretty day and wanted J to document it so I could finally have a nice blog picture but he was way too anxious to get to the party. I tell ya when that boy knows there will be alcohol present that is all he can think about until said alcohol is in his stomach.

Turns out his lieutenant's friend from college was getting married the following weekend so this was like his bachelor party. Well, part of it. The celebrating at least. There must have been 20 college-looking guys in flip flops and swim trunks already pretty stupid drunk by the time we showed up. This only made J more anxious. He fit right in. Of coarse since he was drinking I was not, which was only more fun for me because I got to watch the madness ensue.

There was literally nothing but alcohol EVERYWHERE. I had to leave to get something to drink! When I came back they had brought out "the ski" which is an actual ski with 4 holes in it for shots. This was going to be dangerous. This is also the only picture I managed to take. Blogger fail.

J's first attempt at vodka/redbull shots

We got home around 2 and somehow didn't pass out right away. We played with Milo and something hilarious happened. I guess when J did his first ski shot he got vodka all over his shirt. Well Milo apparently smelled this and liked it. He started licking J's shirt and then grabbed it and wouldn't let go. Watching him tug on it was the funniest shit ever.

Yummy vodka!

Not much to report. This is the lazy day where I do all the house chores from the week. We finally got around to going through the spare rooms and getting stuff together. We organized all the furniture and started to go through boxes. Little by friggin little that house is coming together.

Memorial Day! I was one of the lucky ones to have my soldier home with me. Majority of my wife-friends weren't so lucky so I spent the morning and afternoon with a couple of ladies whose husbands are deployed. Hello daytime drinking! I made J capture my outfit and he's such a punk he only managed to get 2 good shots. The other 30 were of me doing stupid things. Impatient little punk. Grr.

I came home to a half-naked husband who was too lazy to get up and turn the air on that he just started stripping on the couch. Jealous ladies? Yeah, I'm one lucky chick. We went out and shopped a couple places and tried to see a movie. Forgetting what a small town we live in we quickly realized the movie was not going to happen so we went to Coldstone instead. It was my first time there and I didn't even take a picture of my deliciousness. Oh well. Having ice cream outside on such a pretty day was the perfect way to spend the end of the weekend. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love your before the party pic and that white dress! At least you got a few good shots. Boo to no party pics, though, but you made up for it with Milo. ;)

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