Weekend Shenanigan-less

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Hey peeps, sup.
Was it just me or do weekends lately kinda suck. Just me? Yeah, I thought so. This weekend didn't entirely suck, but it wasn't super fantastical either. I had a 3-day weekend since Bosslady went to St. Louis so you'd think it'd be more awesome than usual. Maybe I'm just sucking at life right now. I should really get my shit together. It's just wayyyy easier to be a lazy ass.

It's been so fucking hot lately I'm practically naked most days. Not really, but lets face it- short shorts and a tank top- might as well be. So Little Dino has been either t-shirt and diaper or just plain diaper. I think he secretly likes it. Fun times outside with chalk! It's technically edible since it's made with veggies and shit, but I still tried to get him to play with it and not just shove it straight into his mouth. Success= sort of.

He quickly decided he wanted dirt so we headed inside before we completely melted. Soon after I was born free and we all know what that means....

Cupcake time!!! With girly beverages. Why would you do it any other way? Those bastards really know how to tempt me because I had only planned on one but how could I say no to 2 heaps of deliciousness? Strawberry cheesecake and red velvet cupcakes? Heaven in my mouth.

I may have slept in until lunch. Sue me, it was worth it. Especially with what was about to happen later on that night. We finally have a tv but no cable [grr] so I caught up on Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries finales. Crazy shit, yo. Just in time for J to call asking if I was ready. Ummmm no, but I could be ready. Apparently a woman he knew from work was celebrating getting out of the Army, I mean who wouldn't. If I woulda known I totally would've thrown that bitch a massive blowout, but I digress. I love any excuse to look cute because lets get real here, I don't try anymore. I watch a 10 month old everyday, I'm not sacrificing a good blouse to spit up and sticky hands. And now that it's summer I can bust out my heels again. I miss them so much and I'm fairly positive they miss me more.

I stupidly forgot to take a pic of the back which is the prettiest part of the shirt. Oops
I don't really like the middle pic, I just like the way my eyelashes look

So I got absolutely no pictures of that night for 3 reasons: one- most soldiers don't want their picture taken, two- you're not really suppose to take pics of soldiers drinking and three- when you're having fun you usually forget to document. I was the designated driver so I watched all these crazy people get crazy stupid crazy quick. They started off with King's Cup which if you don't know, you really shouldn't start off with that game, especially if you've never played. Which is awesome for me because it makes everything that much more fun. You really need to be on your toes in this game and most of the privates [yeah, fresh meat status] weren't the brightest crayolas in the box. 

J is the master at drinking anything, so I knew he would triumph. What I didn't know was all these douchebags were going to try and challenge him. Ha. Good luck. That was an interesting sight. One of the sergeants [who everyone was scared of-big muscle man with authority] made me slap-bet commissioner and the head of all the games. Score. Such a fun night. Most people couldn't hack it, some threw up, and lots were little bitches. Good Friday.

J woke up with no hangover, sweet. We got ready for the mall and errands. We seriously needed curtains for our other ginormous window so that was the main priority, and I wanted more yoga pants for the gym. 
I tried to get all angles of this shirt because it is sooooo cute

Cannot believe I walked away from the mall empty handed! That's never happened to me! And what's worse is I went into the store I always go to to get the yoga pants- all of that shit was gone. They were having a massive sale and there's nothing worse than seeing clothes you paid full price for and now seeing them in clearance. Such a frustrating day. Got my ring cleaned though :) It seriously needed it.

Holy shitballs it was so hot we were dying. We couldn't figure out why the air was on yet it was 88 friggin degrees in the house! We tried everything and finally called the company. They wanted to charge us 50 bucks to look at everything but we were sooo not having that. They were there for 3 hours and told us we had absolutely no coolant because there was a leak but they couldn't find it. Ugh. And worse- the leak might be in the wall which means they'd have to tear apart the house! Fuuuuuuuck. House isn't even 2 months old. This would happen. Then we found ants in our living room. Sunday sucked. But these popped up out of no where...

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