Cara Box Reveal [June]


Take Me to the Fair!

That was the theme of this month's Cara box and it was so much fun! Remember being a little kid crazy excited when your parents told you they were taking you to the local fair/carnival in town? That's how this box made me feel! If you have yet to participate [have you been living under a rock?] head on over to Wifessionals to see what it's all about!

This month I was lucky to get paired with 2 ladies from my hometown! How awesome is that? I miss Cali sooooo much so it was nice to have so many things in common with my partners. I sent a box to Talisha at Reupena Household and tried to bring the 'taste' of carnivals to her since she loves food so much.

Raewyn from Warrior Queen sent to me and I love this girl! She's from Anaheim which is about 20 minutes away from where I used to live and she's getting married soon! We bonded very quickly and I am so lucky to have been paired with her because now I have a friend to come home to!

She nailed it with my box and spoiled me! I came home from a very bad day at work and it was sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me to open it. I was surprised at how big the box was and how I kept taking things out of it. I felt so special!

Things included:
Pink lemonade drink mix
Fun green-striped straws
Wall stickers
Sweet heartfelt note
Milk bottles
Scrapbook stickers
Lemon drops
Xtreme pop rocks

She got me spot on! Pink lemonade is my favorite drink and she didn't even know how much I love lemon drops. I loved the milk jugs because not only does it fit with the theme but I can use them as decor in my future wedding. The scrapbook stickers were the icing on the cake. Carnival ones to match the theme, Army ones for J, and a California one to remind me of home. Loved it, girl!

Milo liked them, too

And yay! It's my 100th post!

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Riddle Me This

Hey Lovies

I was reading articles on Yahoo in class on break while everyone went out and actually got dinner. As I read about today's pop culture, trends, social media, and all that jazz, I realized one main thing. What the fuck was everyone talking about? Am I seriously just some weirdo who has no idea about anything going on lately? Or do I really just not give a fuck about said things? It reminded me of Sarah's post about shit she just doesn't understand, and I thought I'd do one of my own since apparently I don't understand anything. Like, at all. Everything that everyone loves, it seems I absolutely hate...or just am not taking part in. Riddle me this...

Who the fuck are these guys? I keep seeing them popping up in Yahoo and their funny little memes on Pinterest but I honestly don't know anything about this show. They have beards, wear camo, and use 'duck' in their title. I'm assuming they're complete rednecks, and I'm sorry, but I don't do hicks. It's just not my cup of tea to watch people with thick southern accents hunting or doing whatever it is they're doing. I get enough country by living in Tennessee.

I'm probably gonna get punched in the face with this one. Seriously though, is it awesome? I haven't had television since April [just got Dish yesterday, woot woot!] and even when I did I had the basic channels. J is cheap so there's no way I'm gettin Primetime anytime soon. What is this show about?

I'm not a fan of social media. Yes I know this contradicts me in having a blog- I like to write, sue me. Back when Myspace was all the rage I wanted no part in it. A friend went ahead and made one for me. I didn't get a personal Facebook until February 2011. Again, a friend made it for me. I was annoyed that no one can pick up a phone anymore and at least text me. To me Twitter just seems like a quicker version of Facebook which is not necessary, and Instagram is the picture version of Twitter. It's all very dumb. If this makes me not end up being a 'bigger' blogger because of my lack of participation- so be it. Maybe I'll get one eventually, but not in the near future.

Once I became a blogger I noticed EVERYONE drinks wine. Like, daily and by the gallon. My ex-boss and her mom loved wine and I had a friend that worked at a winery. That shit tastes terrible. I cannot get myself to like that stuff. I'd drink it before I ever drank beer, but I just don't see myself being a wino. You may educate me in wine if you like. If you think you can sway my tastebuds- go for it. Challenge accepted.

Again with The Game of Thrones, I have not seen this show. All I know is it is about zombies. I'm quite tired of vampire movies and zombie movies. I have one of each- The Vampire Diaries and the Resident Evil movies. Other than that, I simply have no interest or desire to watch shows like this. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Has it come to that point where we watch reality tv more than an actual, fictionally creative show? Why? How is this entertainment? So we're watching middle-aged ,catty, rich bitches drink and throw shit at other bitches? How are you guys sucked into this? I weep for humanity.

Is it chocolate? Is it peanut butter? Is it chocolatey-peanut butter? Whatever it is, the way it spreads and looks just plain disgusts the ever living shit outta me. I keep reading how people eat gobs of it and would choose it to be the one thing they would eat for the rest of their lives if they were allowed only one food. That good? I'd personally choose Chef Boyardee or Cup o' Noodles if I could eat one thing. I digress.

Maybe you can explain all these things to me.....but I may not care. I'll try, but I'm not making any promises that I won't doze off. Toodles!

Aaaaaaand for Whit Whit's backthatazzup Friday I choose.......

Back that Ass Up

Cause Duh.

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Happy Thoughts lift You in the Air

Peter Pan always said it takes one happy thought and it will lift you into the air. Just ONE little positive thought, and you can fly all around the room and eventually follow little Tink to Never Never Land. I'm all for that, folks. My house is a very open floor plan so imagine walking in and seeing my happy ass chillin on the ceiling.

So on that note I thought I'd keep the ball rolling with some positive thinking. I may not have a job anymore, but there are other things I can devote myself to in the meantime.

Putting the house together
Even though we moved in the house in April we haven't had much time to put stuff away. My closet is a complete disaster, my shoes are still in boxes, and most of our things are thrown in the den. Now I can actually go through everything and put shit away.

Tending to the yard
Our grass is already dead -____- I'm not showing any pictures because it's embarrassing. It's been a long time since we lived in an actual house so we pretty much forgot about the yard. Not to mention our hose ripped and we have yet to replace it. Hopefully I can get it back to a decent look.

Making things for Milo
That little guy loves to burrow and has no where to do it in. I use my big night shirts and stuff them in his igloo for him to scurry through but it's not much. I have material I've been meaning to use to make him tunnels and sleeping areas but haven't had time to bust out the sewing machine.

I wrote a post awhile back on how I regretted not using my spare time to get in shape. Now I have absolutely no excuse. I will go to the gym everyday, or workout in my living room. Oh it's happening.

Spending time with friends
Most military wives do not work- not because they don't want to, it's extremely hard to find a job in a small town with thousands of people and little job availability- and I never had time to meet up with any of them. J always says I need to make friends. Well I have them, I just never see them. Now I can, yay!

Catching up on my bookshelf
I have an insane amount of books sitting on my shelves waiting for me to crack them open. I LOVE to read and I haven't sat down with a good book since September. That sentence just made me really sad.

Craft mania
All of my pins on Pinterest can finally be attempted. Stay tuned on whether I succeed or fail.

Sooooooo as you can see I am going to have a lot of time on my hands this summer. At least I am choosing to look on the bright side of things. Maybe Tink will gimme some pixie dust.

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What I Won't Miss

In light of yesterday's post about my job as a nanny I wanted to go the opposite direction and talk a little about the specifics. I love being a nanny and taking care of children, but each job is a completely different experience. From the kids to the parents to the pets and chores. Some people are awesome, some not so much, and some are just bat shit crazy.

So in honor of my last day I wanted to talk about the things I will not miss about having this job....

- Waking up at the ass crack of dawn
I am not a morning person at all. Worst part of my day.

- Bosslady's laundry
Doing his is okay because that's what I'm here for. Doing hers is taking advantage of me

- Zena stealing my chair
Don't let her looks fool you. She is a bitch of a cat

- Little Dino's obsession with the water bowl
I don't know what fascinates him so much about Zeke's food but I am constantly cleaning 
up after it. Not to mention making sure it doesn't end up in his mouth

- Zeke trying to eat my food
I can't eat anything without him all up in my face. Very fucking annoying

- The drive
She lives on the complete opposite end of town and I have to fill up my tank every Sunday because of it. 

I didn't say it was much because that would mean that I hate my job. But honestly, who doesn't have at least a couple of things they don't like about their job?

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Nanny Diaries

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I've made it pretty clear that I will be ending my current job as Little Dino's nanny[my last day is tomorrow] and while I haven't yet found a replacement job, I wanted to talk a little about what exactly it is I do.
Even though J jokes that I am a 'part-time mom' when people ask what I do for a living, it is a very important job that people do not take seriously at all. They give me weird looks, don't consider it a 'real job' and make rude jokes at my expense. I do not understand why people do this. You are making fun of the people that take care of your children. While you are off being a career parent, which is totally fine, someone is at home with your child making sure they get the attention they need and deserve.

It baffles me at how much people want to pay nannies. I once got offered $100 a week maximum for 2 children. Ummm, break it down and I'm working 40+ hours for $2.50 an hour. Would you take a job that paid you that little? Then why do you expect us to? Not to mention people will pay out the ass for other things like cleaning ladies, house sitters, kennels for pets, yet your children- the most precious things in your life- get the short end of the stick. This drives me crazy. Yes, you can take them to daycare, but I promise you it will be way more expensive and they will not get undivided attention due to several other kids[of all ages] and rotating workers they won't bond with. 

I understand you are trusting someone to come into your home and possibly even have a key to it. But that is what extensive background checks are for, multiple one-on-one interviews, and trial runs with the children themselves. Anyone can get hired at a daycare, trust me.
When people don't consider being a nanny as a 'real job' I get extremely angry. First off, just because I work for actual people and not a company doesn't mean I'm not earning a living. In fact, I may very well be making more than you. Not to mention I have a comfortable atmosphere, nice bosses, longer breaks, and I get to spend my day having fun with a child. Yeah some days are more frustrating than others, but I'm not dealing with asshole customers yelling at me on a daily basis.

And how am I not doing something real? Maybe it's the word 'babysitter' that confuses people. Sitters and nannies are 2 completely different things. Sitters are occasional, for when you may want a date night, leisure time alone, last minute doctors appointments, etc. You use them maybe 3-5 times a month. Nannies are there every single day, all day long. They do everything from cook and feed your child, to bathing and dressing, learning and engaging, and household chores throughout your work day. I have an exact schedule every day. I do everything with this child. I know what he likes and doesn't like, what his gestures and grunts mean, when he naps and how long for- sadly, I know more than his mother does. My job is literally to take care of him. My sole purpose is the well being of this child. If that's not the most important thing than I don't know what is. But scoffing at what I do is incredibly offensive and makes you look like a jackass.
I have been taking care of Little Dino since he was 2 months old. He will be 1 this Saturday. It will be weird not seeing him every day and I hope he adjusts to his new environment well. I have been applying to other nanny positions and hopefully I get one soon. I would love to meet a new family and spend my day with their darling little ones.

So please, don't ever underestimate someone who takes care of children for a living.

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Google Rocks my Socks

Hello pretties!

If you've been around long then you may have noticed quite the difference in the appearance of this here blog. It seriously took me multiple hours of multiple days to figure out half of the shit I did. I am not tech savvy in the slightest. I'm actually pretty retarded when it comes to technology. Seriously, I get made fun of a lot for it. Mostly by J. He likes to think he's been teaching me so when he deploys I'm not completely helpless. [he once had to talk me through step by step something for my computer while he was deployed]

How did I possibly manage to do all of this on my own? Fucking Google, duh. How in the hell did we survive without the massive search engine we know and love? Need information? Google it. Where am I going? Google it. Can you help me with my homework? Just Google it, bitch!

So because of this I got to thinking of the major instances in life we need Google for. There are plenty, but I narrowed it down to 10.

 I give to you....

1. It has cool backgrounds
I love checking Google just to see the new graphics they have for it. They get really creative and sometimes 'celebrate' the most mundane holidays.

2. It helps us with school
Honestly, would anyone be able to look up a word, research an essay, or come up with an original idea without it? Face it, you graduated because of Google

3. It corrects our spelling
You know when you're having trouble spelling a word so you just type it in the search bar so Google can spell it for you. Don't lie! 

4. It tells us what stuff means
Don't know what that word means? Google will tell you. No more need for dictionaries. 

5. It tells is where we're going
Fuck regular maps when you have Google Maps on your phone. Without it I probably would end up lost in my own damn city, let alone a long trip

6. It diagnoses our sickness
Every time there is something wrong with us, no matter how big or small, we Google it just in case. Even though every time we do we end up getting paranoid that we have some horrible disease

7. It gives us random facts
No, I did not know that 70% of murders in Detroit go unsolved. But thanks for the tip, Google. I will steer clear of that crazy city!

8. It helps us figure things out
Without the tutorials and explanations from Google, I would not be able to figure out simple things. Like how to get that stain out of my wooden dresser or figuring out how to use my new shower

9. It makes us laugh
Dear god have you seen the automatic responses that pop up when you start to type?! Are people really this stupid and/or disgusting?! I digress. It does make you chuckle every now and then

10. It has hidden gems
I love how they throw in tricks, those little sneaky-sneaks. If you type in 'Zerg Rush' the o's fall down and you have to zap them. Type in 'askew' and see what happens. My personal favorite, searching for 'Chuck Norris' and clicking the 'I'm feeling Lucky' button. Hilarious

What would life be like if we didn't have Google?!

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Sunday Social [Fashion]

June is almost over and Summer is officially here! Woot woot! Time to bust out the dresses and wedges and sip vodka on the porch. Just me? Nah, I know you do i too. That's why you should join me!

So another Sunday Social with Neely and it's all about shopping! What girl doesn't like to shop?!

1. What is your favorite store to shop at?
If we're being completely honest here, Target and Hobby Lobby. I buy more for the house than I do for myself. Clothes wise Wet Seal, Forever 21, stores like that

2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
Yeahhhhh about that. I don't really know designers, I'm not that girly. I'd just shop at the places I still do but buy way more shit....I do have a weakness for Betsey Johnson purses.

3. Must have closet staple?
Skinny jeans and statement earrings [mine are usually pretty long]

4. Favorite kind of shoes?[brand or type]
High heels. The higher the better!

5. Best clothing deal you've ever gotten?[sale or amazing find]
I used to work at Nine West so I got a shit ton of shoes for way cheap

6. Style you'd love to try?
Even though it's summer, leg warmers are so adorable. I just don't think I could pull them off

Where do you love to shop? What trends should I start wearing?

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