A Shitty End to a Shitty Week

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This week was one of the worst this year.

Other than J passing the board there were so many random WTF moments that made me facepalm over and over again. It had also caused me to churn out some not-so-great posts. Sometimes I look back and think I should've just not written anything rather than put out something low-end or just blah.

J and I didn't get a weekend due to all the massive studying we did so it started Monday off more horridly than usual. His board got pushed back twice leaving him even more stressed out than he already was [and leaving me pretty pissed].

Tuesday the builders next door cut our internet out and tore apart our front yard in the process to make the neighbors' yard look awesome [thanks a lot assholes]. Wednesday I had a last minute appointment to have a pap, and as women we all know how horrible those are. Thankfully it was quick, unfortunately it was still painful. I dread November. Later that night in the middle of class I started feeling really dizzy and out of it and decided to go home early. By then I felt nauseous and by the end of the night I couldn't breathe.

Yesterday I woke up so sick I had to stay home from work which always worries me since I don't work at a regular company. Calling out means there is usually someone to replace you. Well I'm a nanny which means my boss has to try and get a backup to watch her child. I try my best not to miss a day and arrived today still a little sick. Someone's gotta take care of this baby!
He won't let go of my legs. And yes, I showed up in sweats

They still haven't replaced our grass and our yard looks a hot mess. Not to mention I noticed they gave them full grass along the sides as well as the backyard. They did not do that for us. The fuck dude? Not cool. Meanwhile I'm over here stuck with sporadic onion grass in patches with hay everywhere. Something must be done.

So hopefully this weekend won't fail me the way the week did. No bueno sir.

This song seemed fitting

Misery Business

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