Best. Day. Everrrrr!!!

Every time I see those words I read them in Rapunzel's voice. You know you do too!

Okay, yesterday wasn't actually that great, but two awesome things happened! Well, one awesome thing and one good thing. The good thing being after two days of dragging out writing my stupid psychology essay and fearing I wouldn't meet the word requirements of 1750 I managed to pull 1935 words out of my ass! Hell yeah, girlfriend!

But the main thing that happened was J PASSED THE BOARD!!!

Aahhhh!!! I am so proud of him! He came home and just blurted it out with the cutest little smirk on his face. Aww yeh, he knew he was a little bad ass right then. And I was one happy wife. He was so afraid that he was going to lack the confidence he needed to get through it and that he would be fidgeting with his hands and feet but he rocked that shit!

This means that he is now promotable. Yeah, he doesn't actually get the promotion right away because in the Army you have to make points in order to reach the next level, kind of like in a game. His MOS[job] needs 450 points and right now he has 380. So he should get there very soon. Yay baby!

Normally he doesn't smile at all, especially in uniform, but he couldn't contain himself when I took his picture. Of coarse he celebrated with a 6-pack. Hoo-rah!

Look at muh sexy man!

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