Booze and Pain make a Great Match

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I am not a happy camper and am writing to you drugged up and in my pjs on the couch. Hence why this post is coming at you at 1 in the afternoon. Sue me. I read Shannon's post on how her wisdom teeth had decided to make an appearance and low and behold MINE decided to be total assholes and do the same on friday. Which explains being drugged up. Allow me to rehash....


Apparently this child thinks he can escape. He is also now randomly trying to eat the dog's fur whenever he gets the opportunity, specifically his ears. Weirdo kid. He sits silently at his favorite show which allows me to relax for 22 solid minutes, thank jesus. I finally managed to not only get him to drink from a sippy cup, but on his own and with pure milk in it. Friggin. Success.

The people across the street moved their cows behind Bosslady's backyard so they can grow some sort of bean in their field. Now they are literally right there stinking up the place. It was rather funny taking the baby to go see them. He wimped out on touching them when they were at the fence but he was probably smart in doing that. Creepy cows!

Somewhere in the middle of the day my bottom right wisdom tooth decided to make an incredibly rude and unpleasant appearance and over the course of the weekend refused to let me eat like a normal person. This has made me a bit of a bitch for lack of a better word. And lucky me- I don't have dental. So I must go through the military insurance company to get it so I can have this thing cut out before it causes me to punch a baby in the face more harm. Such joy awaits me....


J and I took a trip to Wal Mart because our fridge had tumble weeds up in there. Along the way I managed to get some goodies that made it worth being in public with mouth pain and not yelling at anybody.

//Axe for her bodywash. Love that it's called Anarchy. Smells delish
//Cotton candy plug ins for the house. Yes please
//3 awesome flavors of chapstick because I am an addict like that
-red velvet cake, cake batter, and fruit punch-
//J had just talked about getting a bucket for cigarette buds on the patio earlier that morning.
I literally spot this cutie on our way out

Of course I also got some sweets. You didn't think I could walk away from booze and cupcakes now did you? Think we got enough alcohol? Yeah, me neither. And cupcakes were buy 3 get one free!

//trying out some frozen treats
//all my girly shit
//J's variety of beers
//who do you think was the boring one and got 2 of the same cupcake?
J got chocolate chip cookie 
I scored Strawberry and Cotton Candy


//As I was writing my Sunday Social post I found out my sister got engaged!
//I attempted to put together my new desk
//The finished product. Only needed J's help once
//I actually cooked. Chicken parm and we dared to try Vodka sauce. Yum

Throughout the weekend we caught up on movies and had cuddle time.
//Ice Age: Continental Drift
//Silver Linings Playbook
//Perks of being a Wallflower
//Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
//Cloud Atlas

-Ice Age seems random with the rest but with all the seriousness and intensity we really needed a good laugh by Sunday night. They should end it on that note, though.

-I honestly don't understand why Jennifer Lawrence got an Oscar for that movie. All she did was yell and act stupid crazy. I could do that. 

-J thought Wallflower was a chick flick and honestly so did I. Turned out to be about the boy and was pretty intense. 

-We didn't finish Vampire Hunter because our download was kinda shitty.

-Cloud Atlas was a complete mindfuck. Seriously, they raped my brain. Longest. Movie. Ever. And afterward I needed complete closure so I could sleep so I had to Google it to make sense of the mess. Crazy shit, yo.

How was your weekend?

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