Essays Should be Illegal

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Soooooo....I may have lied a little when I said I would come back today with a legitimate post. Yesterday just so happened to be the day that Little Dino decided he wasn't going to take a nap and let me get anything done. Awesome, perfect timing. That paper is only half way done and I'm about ready to shoot myself.

I hate essays with a fiery burning passion. I really, really do. And I have a bad habit of waiting until the very last minute to even start them. Perhaps my best writing happens that way. But mostly it's because I dread doing them and will procrastinate until the very last second.

I'm pretty sure we have mutual feelings of hatred towards each other. That's why they try to make me feel so stressed out and pissed when I either a)have to do a really long paper or b)when I can't think of a single damn thing to write about.

The paper I'm doing now is fairly simple. It's about motivation and all that shit in the workplace which is a very easy topic considering you are literally writing about your work experience. That's what I thought at least. I've already written 6 paragraphs that are extremely long. Apparently I've still gotten no where because I only have about 800+ words and I need a minimum of 1750. Ugh.

At this point I feel like I'm just dragging shit out and beating a dead horse. Word requirements irk the shit outta me because people will just start adding fillers to the assignment and the essay's quality goes way down. I don't know how much more detail I can put into this thing but it's driving me nuts and it's due by 6 tonight! And I can't even work on it when I get off work because I have a damn 'lady' doctors appointment if ya know what I mean. Which I'm dreading even more than the essay. Too much stress going on!

When the weekend gets here I'm going to need a stiff drink. Or eight.

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  1. i will have some drinks for you this weekend for sure :) good luck on getting it done girly, you can do it


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