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I've made it pretty clear that I will be ending my current job as Little Dino's nanny[my last day is tomorrow] and while I haven't yet found a replacement job, I wanted to talk a little about what exactly it is I do.
Even though J jokes that I am a 'part-time mom' when people ask what I do for a living, it is a very important job that people do not take seriously at all. They give me weird looks, don't consider it a 'real job' and make rude jokes at my expense. I do not understand why people do this. You are making fun of the people that take care of your children. While you are off being a career parent, which is totally fine, someone is at home with your child making sure they get the attention they need and deserve.

It baffles me at how much people want to pay nannies. I once got offered $100 a week maximum for 2 children. Ummm, break it down and I'm working 40+ hours for $2.50 an hour. Would you take a job that paid you that little? Then why do you expect us to? Not to mention people will pay out the ass for other things like cleaning ladies, house sitters, kennels for pets, yet your children- the most precious things in your life- get the short end of the stick. This drives me crazy. Yes, you can take them to daycare, but I promise you it will be way more expensive and they will not get undivided attention due to several other kids[of all ages] and rotating workers they won't bond with. 

I understand you are trusting someone to come into your home and possibly even have a key to it. But that is what extensive background checks are for, multiple one-on-one interviews, and trial runs with the children themselves. Anyone can get hired at a daycare, trust me.
When people don't consider being a nanny as a 'real job' I get extremely angry. First off, just because I work for actual people and not a company doesn't mean I'm not earning a living. In fact, I may very well be making more than you. Not to mention I have a comfortable atmosphere, nice bosses, longer breaks, and I get to spend my day having fun with a child. Yeah some days are more frustrating than others, but I'm not dealing with asshole customers yelling at me on a daily basis.

And how am I not doing something real? Maybe it's the word 'babysitter' that confuses people. Sitters and nannies are 2 completely different things. Sitters are occasional, for when you may want a date night, leisure time alone, last minute doctors appointments, etc. You use them maybe 3-5 times a month. Nannies are there every single day, all day long. They do everything from cook and feed your child, to bathing and dressing, learning and engaging, and household chores throughout your work day. I have an exact schedule every day. I do everything with this child. I know what he likes and doesn't like, what his gestures and grunts mean, when he naps and how long for- sadly, I know more than his mother does. My job is literally to take care of him. My sole purpose is the well being of this child. If that's not the most important thing than I don't know what is. But scoffing at what I do is incredibly offensive and makes you look like a jackass.
I have been taking care of Little Dino since he was 2 months old. He will be 1 this Saturday. It will be weird not seeing him every day and I hope he adjusts to his new environment well. I have been applying to other nanny positions and hopefully I get one soon. I would love to meet a new family and spend my day with their darling little ones.

So please, don't ever underestimate someone who takes care of children for a living.

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1 comment

  1. Very good post. Let me tell ya.

    Fresh outta high school I worked at a daycare and eventually became an asst director. People had no respect for me at all and, even though I worked at a daycare, they didn't think it was a real job.

    So I went to college and finished my degree. The best paying job for me outta college was our local head start- again working at a day care. I was paid enough to buy my own condo at 27 and live alone, but people STILL did not see it as a normal, real, grown-up job. It was a huuuuuge responsibility and huuuuge contribution to society and I felt like people looked down on me.

    Such a great post.

    I think I will post something about this topic some time soon, too.


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